Certified Lawyer Referral Service Complaint Form
Use this form to file a complaint against a certified lawyer referral service.
To file a complaint against an attorney, please use this form.
Lawyer Referral Service Complaint Process
In order to promote public protection, the State Bar of California handles complaints related to certified and uncertified Lawyer Referral Services. The State Bar will review and analyze a complaint to determine if an investigation is warranted. If the complaint demonstrates an apparent violation of applicable rules or regulations, the State Bar will provide the lawyer referral service with written notice of the complaint and an opportunity to respond. The State Bar will also notify the complainant regarding what, if any, action it deems appropriate.
Please use this online form to file a complaint against a certified Lawyer Referral Service.
To verify that a lawyer referral service is certified, check the list below. If the lawyer referral service does not appear in the list, they may be an uncertified lawyer referral business. To file a complaint against a business providing uncertified lawyer referrals, please use this form.
Please fill out this form in its entirety.
As part of the State Bar's review of your complaint, any information provided in this form is not confidential and may be shared with the LRS or the lawyer referred by the LRS during the review process.
If you need assistance with this form, please email: lrs@calbar.ca.gov

The following are Lawyer Referral Services certified by the State Bar of California:
(The list appears alphabetically by name. The certification number may help you identify the correct service.)
1000Attorneys.com (#0128)   LRS of the San Joaquin County Bar Association (#0012)
AIDS Legal Referral Panel of the San Francisco Bay Area (#0070)   LRS of the San Mateo County Bar Association (#0039)
Alameda County Bar Association LRS (#0001)   LRS of the Solano County Bar Association (#0102)
Attorney Referral & Information Service of the Fresno County Bar Association (#0016)   LRS of the South Bay Bar Association (#0013)
Attorney Search Network (#0113)   LRS of the Western San Bernardino County Bar Association (#0040)
California Advocates of Nursing Home Reform LRS (#0020)   Mexican American Bar Association of Los Angeles County LRIS (LACBA) (#0108)
California Lawyers for the Arts (#0021)   National Crime Victims Bar Association LRS (#0136)
Community Legal Aid SoCal (#0045)   Orange County Bar Association LRIS (#0033)
Contra Costa County Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service (#0018)   Palo Alto Area Bar Association LRS (#0009)
Higher Legal (#0130)   RepresentYou.com (#0126)
Lawlinq, Inc. (#0134)   San Bernardino County Bar Association LRS (#0010)
Legal Leaf LRS, Inc. (#0135)   San Fernando Valley Bar Association (#0006)
LegalMatch California (#0140)   San Gabriel Valley Bar Association LRS (#0011)
Los Angeles LGBT Center (#0041)   San Luis Obispo County Bar Association LRIS (#0121)
LRIS for the Sacramento County Bar Association (#0006)   Santa Clara County Bar Association LRS (#0054)
LRIS San Diego County Bar Association (#0043)   SF-Marin Lawyer Referral and Information Service of the Bar Association of San Francisco (#0002)
LRS Coalition of Monterey County (#0046)   SmartLaw (LRIS of LACBA) (#0042)
LRS of Santa Barbara County Bar Association (#0032)   Sonoma County Bar Association LRS (#0056)
LRS of Santa Cruz County (#0055)   Sonoma County Legal Services Foundation Modest Means Program (#0109)
LRS of the Bar Association of Northern San Diego County (#0027)   Ventura County Bar Association Lawyer Referral & Information Service (#0059)
LRS of the Riverside County Bar Association (#0038)    

Is the Lawyer Referral Service for which you are filing a complaint listed above? *