Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is a non-profit telephone cooperative corporation under the Texas Telephone Cooeprative Act. Poka Lambro Telephone Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative.  For the purposes of obtaining services via this application, either company (dependent on service area) will be referred to as Poka Lambro.
Monthly billings for service will include charge for phone and/or internet service, applicable sales tax, 911 charges, access recovery charges and federal/state universal service charges as well as any other applicable fees and/or charges.  Your first billing statement will be prorated from the date service is connected and will include the next month in advance.
If your service is disconnected for non-payment in the future, a reconnection fee of $23.00 will apply to reinstate service.
Outstanding Debt: Poka Lambro may take any allowable legal action, or employ a collection agency, to pursue the collection of any outstanding debts owed to Poka Lambro. In the event that you, the customer, incur an oustanding balance with Poka Lambro that remains unpaid and is referred for collection, you shall also be held responsible for an attorney fees, charges, or costs associated with the collection. This responsibilty is in addition to any principal, interest, or fees owed on the account. 

Application for service. Please complete each section and electronically sign where indicated. A valid form of identification may be required.

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Broadband Internet Packages
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Please note: High Speed Internet Service is subject to location and network availability. Not all speeds are available in all areas.  Speed is not guaranteed as multiple factors may impact the users experience.  Any applicable taxes, fees or charges apply and are not included in the monthly rate.
A modem/router will be required.  (You can provide your own equipment or subscribe to managed WiFi Service from Poka Lambro.  By subscribing to Poka Lambro Managed WiFi service, I understand and agree to use of the equipment Poka Lambro provides to deliver said service and to pay the monthly fee associated with Managed WiFi.  I understand the equipment used to provide the Managed WiFi is the property of Poka Lambro.  I understand if the equipment is damaged (with the exception of manufacturer defect) that I will bear all risk of loss, including but not limited to, damages caused by weather or conditions existing at my premises.  In the event of disconnection or termination of service, I will return the equipment to Poka Lambro in working order within 10 days, or I will be charged $300.00.)
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Do you want a Static IP Address: ($10 per Static IP Address per month) *

Terms and Conditions of Internet Service

I agree to abide by the following policies as published on Poka Lambro's website. This incluldes the Acceptable Use Policy, Terms of Service; Network Management Policy; Privacy Policy. Copies will be provided upon request. *
I understand Poka Lambro offers a 30 day trial period for service. (Click ? for details) * 🛈
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Phone Service
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Phone Service
Please indicate whether your phone service will be a primary line or second line
Directory Listings (One white pages listing is included, unless you elect non-list. Additional listing is .50 each per month
Call Blocking Options
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Toll Restriction with Toll Free # Access (800#s)
Block 900 # Calls (No charge 1st Time)
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Block 1+ International Calls (No Charge)
Are you interested in any calling features? *
Would you like to see individual calling feature options or bundled calling feature options? *
Optional Calling Features:
Optional Calling Features:
Build Your Own Feature Package: Any two features - $5.25; Any four features - $10.25; All twelve features below - $15.65
Build Your Own Feature Package: Any two features - $9.40; Any four features - $15.75; All twelve features below - $22.05
Teen Pack $7.50 (Includes the following: Distinctive Ring, 3-Way Calling, Call Blocker, Speed Dial (8)
Big Saver Bundle 12.50 (Includes the following 7 features: Caller ID Name & Directory Listings Number, Call Waiting, 3 – Way Calling, Call Forwarding Non-List Fee Additional Listing Fee, Speed Dial (8), Repeat Dialing, Anonymous Call Rejection (Res Savings of 7.50)) *
Big Saver Bundle 14.50 (Includes the following 7 features: Caller ID Name & Directory Listings Number, Call Waiting, 3 – Way Calling, Call Forwarding Non-List Fee Additional Listing Fee, Speed Dial (8), Repeat Dialing, Anonymous Call Rejection (Business Savings of 15.00)) *
Build a Multi-Service Bundle - Do you want to bundle your telephone service with another Poka Lambro service? If you elect to Build-a-Bundle, the bundle will include phone service, the Caller ID/Caller ID Call Waiting feature pack, and any other services (long distance, Internet or security monitoring) that you select below. *
Letter of Agency for Poka Lambro Long Distance Service
Would you like to include Long Distance Calling from Poka Lambro? *
I have selected Poka Lambro as my long distance carrier for both my IntraLATA long distance, my InterLATA long distance. By clicking Yes below, I authorize Poka Lambro to become my long distance carrier and replace my existing long distance carrier (if applicable). Further, this is my authorization for Poka Lambro to act as an agent on my behalf to notify my previous carrier (if applicable) and direct the connection of my long distance services to Poka Lambro. I understand there may be a PIC (preferred Interexchange Carrier) charge from my local phone service provider to make this change. I have read this Letter of Agency, am at least 18 years of age and am authorized to make changes to the long distance service on this account. *


SmartHub is Poka Lambro's online bill pay and account management tool. I am interested in signing-up for this free service. *





The undersigned (hereinafter call the Applicant) hereby applies for membership & agrees to take service from Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (hereinafter called the Cooperative), a non-profit organization existing under the laws of the State of Texas for the purpose of purchasing service, upong the following terms and conditions: 
1. The Applicant will pay a membership fee of $50.00 plus installation and other fees. 
2. The Applicant wil, when service becomes available, take from the Cooperative telephone service to be used on the premises, described herein, and will pay for such services monthly rates to be determined from time to time in accordance with the by-laws and tariffs of the Cooperative. All payments are due and payable by the dur date on your bill. 
3. The Applicant grants the Cooperative a right-of-way easement to construct, operate and maintin the system on the applicant's property. 
4. The Applicant will comply with (and be bound by) all provisions of the charter, by-laws of the Cooperative, and the rules and regulations as may from time to time be adopted by the Cooperative. 
5. The Applicant, by becoming a member, assumes no personal liability or responsibility for any debt or liabilities of the Cooperative, and it is expressly understood his or her private property is exempt from execution of such debts or liabilities. 
6. The Cooperative may, at any time at its sole discretion, revoke the privilege of extending credit to the Applicant for future services. 
7. The Applicant authorizes the Cooperative (or it designee) to verify Applicant's creditworthiness by obtaining a credit report, and directly contacting banks, lending institutions, and suppliers in connection to this initial application. An additional deposit may be required to establish credit. The Cooperative is authorized to continue verification of creditworthiness until the account is paid in full or the authorization is revoked in wiriting. 


I acknowledge that unless I request a specific opt-out, Poka Lambro may contact me regarding new services or offers using my CPNI. This information is NOT provided to any outside entities. *

Verification of Identity and Electronic Signature

Signature - Please use your cursor to write your signature. (I understand a credit check will be conducted as part of the service application process) *