General Information

ART WORK – Have sufficient inventory in the booth to maintain a well-stocked display for one evening (Wednesday) and four days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of active sales. The folk art you bring to sell must be consistent with the Conditions of Acceptance, and the descriptions, photos, and prices submitted in the application. If the art in your booth does not conform to your Conditions of Acceptance and the information you supplied, the Standards Committee, whose decisions are final, will ask you to remove unacceptable items from your booth. (Standards Committee members have identifying badges and will be visiting your booth on Wednesday morning and on occasion as available during the Market.)

BADGES – Name badges for artists, official participants, and registered guests are identified as “EXHIBITOR” and are distributed with registration packets. Name badges must be worn at all times, including Wednesday booth setup and evening events. A name badge admits you to IFAM Santa Fe. You or anyone from your artist delegation will not be admitted into IFAM without them.

HAND CARRIED ART WORK – If you are staying at The Sage Hotel and hand carried your art work, you must deliver it to the IFAM Santa Fe Registration Room at The Sage Hotel. Hand carried art work will be received until 10 a.m. Tuesday July 5th so it can be moved to your booth. Boxes or bags of art work should not be transported on the buses taking participants to IFAM Santa Fe for setup on Wednesday. If you are not staying at The Sage Hotel and hand carried your art work, you have a choice to bring it to The Sage Hotel by 10 a.m. Tuesday July 5th or you bring it yourself to your booth.


Sales handled by IFAM Santa Fe will be reconciled on Monday, July 11th, and Tuesday, July 12th, 2022 by scheduled appointments. Reconciliation means that IFAM Santa Fe participants provide their sales records (using the sales inventory the artists fill out) to compare their totals with IFAM point of sales system. Differences – if any – are resolved prior to Payout. Individuals outside of the U.S. who choose to cash checks in Santa Fe will be required to present their passports at the bank.

Note: Official participants are responsible for paying all shipping and/or customs and duty fees. Your shipping must be prepaid. Any outstanding fees due to IFAM (such as booth rental, lodging, etc.) will be deducted from sales at the time of payout.

PRICING – All art work must be priced in US$ (U.S. Dollars) before IFAM Santa Fe opens on Wednesday July 6th. It is prohibited to raise prices for the duration of the Market event until 1:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon when prices may be lowered up to 30% off if you choose to do this.

SALES – The International Folk Art Market Santa Fe handles all sales. Trained volunteers will be assigned to your booth to process sales through a point of sale payment system which lists each artist’s inventory and prices. Customers will pay for their purchases at centrally-located IFAM Santa Fe Payment Booths, which accept cash, checks and credit cards.

  • EARLY OR OFF-HOUR SALES Sales and/or holding items for future purchase before and after Folk Art Market hours – Wednesday through Sunday - are strictly prohibited. Artist may not sell or provide for consignment any products within a 500-mile radius of Santa Fe, NM for 90 days prior to IFAM.
  • GROSS RECEIPTS SALES TAX – New Mexico state gross receipts sales tax must be collected on all sales. IFAM will collect the tax from the customer.
  • MARKET HANDLED SALES – All sales must be recorded and paid through the IFAM payment system. No payments, including those of cash, may be accepted at participants’ booths.
  • UNRECORDED CASH TRANSACTIONS – All sales must be processed in compliance with local tax laws. No unrecorded, direct cash sales will be allowed. No discounting of your product will be allowed until Sunday July 10th or unless authorized by IFAM Staff Nadia Hamid or Melissa Mann.
  • WHOLESALE BUYERS – Wholesale buyers may purchase in quantity, but must pay the fixed retail price(s) until 1 pm on Sunday, when artists are allowed to discount prices if they choose. Wholesale buyers must take purchased goods from the Market by the end of the day of sales.


TRADITIONAL CLOTHING – Artists are encouraged to wear clothing of their choice, including traditional clothing of the region they represent, at the Community Celebration and in the booth on IFAM Santa Fe days.


  • IFAM Santa Fe LOCAL TRANSPORTATION SHUTTLE BUSES For participants staying at The Sage Hotel or those participants who plan to take the shuttle buses designated “to and from” IFAM Santa Fe event and activities – the buses depart from The Sage Hotel (725 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico). Refer to “Schedule of Events” for departure and arrival times. These shuttle buses will also provide transportation to training activities, and other special events (dinners).
  • PRIVATE VEHICLES Participants who are driving vehicles should acquire a parking pass in advance to access the IFAM Santa Fe event site on Museum Hill. Please notify Nadia Hamid (nadia@folkartmarket.org) to ensure these arrangements before June 15, 2022.
  • ACCESS Follow the instructions provided, and on the map on the back of the parking pass. Security will check for parking permits, admit permit holders to the site, and provide directions to parking according to your parking permit. Camino Lejo will be a one-way direction northeast. Make sure to enter the Museum Hill complex from the road Old Santa Fe Trail for IFAM Santa Fe pass-through access during the event.
  • Artist Supply Drop-Off Procedure: Artists’ parking passes also serve as their temporary unload pass. The main unload area will be at the front entry. PLEASE know your Booth Number and have your copy of the site map readily available when you pull up to unload. This will assist the parking attendants and facilitate the flow of traffic. Unloading space is limited; please unload as quickly as you can.
  • Display your permit on your dashboard.


BOOTH SETUP – Wednesday July 6th – All participants. Location: Milner Plaza of the Museum of International Folk Art. Address: Museum Hill, 706 Camino Lejo.

  • Artwork shipped to the warehouse, and hand carried art work dropped off at The Sage Hotel will be in your booth when you arrive. A team of volunteers will circulate on Wednesday morning to help with unpacking and booth setup.
  • Bring dollies and carts if you have them. Bring shelves, racks, risers, string, tape, wire, screws, nails, hammer, screwdriver, tape, ladder, etc., as needed. There will also be volunteer handymen who will help you, as much as practical, with booth set-up and display issues.
  • You must be finished unloading by 11:00 a.m. Booth setup should be complete by 2:00 p.m.                

BOOTH REVIEW – The Standards Committee will visit your booth on Wednesday and throughout the Folk Art Market to be sure your booth is in compliance with the Conditions of Acceptance, and the descriptions/photos and prices submitted in your application. Standards Committee members, whose decisions are final, can ask you to remove work not in compliance (includes trinkets or souvenir items). This year’s committee consists of Mary Littrell, Claire Burkert, Tony Fisher, Amy Groleau, Cristin McKnight Sethi, Judith Espinar, Carmella Padilla, Peter Speliopoulos, and Suzanne Sugg.

BOOTH SIGN AND DECORATION – Your booth sign will be hung in your booth for you. It must remain displayed in your booth for the duration of IFAM Santa Fe. Make your booth look beautiful; include fabrics, hangings and educational materials.

EMERGENCY – There will be a first aid tent located behind the Upper Level Booth Supplies. Please note that IFAM Santa Fe is not responsible for costs or arrangement of other medical care. If you are not feeling well, let us know so that we can try our best to accommodate your needs. We will also have donated medical services available. More details to follow.

EXHIBITORS – Artists and accompanying interpreters/assistants are expected to be in their booths during the event. (Volunteers will help cover the booth when you need to take a break or are scheduled elsewhere.)

FOOD AND BEVERAGE – Free water is available at water stations in the Market. Complimentary water bottles are distributed to the booths.

  • ARTIST HOSPITALITY ROOM – Artist Hospitality is available at the Market for snacks and drinks throughout the event.
  • LUNCH – Lunch will be distributed to the booth daily only to those who have badges that include Market meals (name badges required).

GROUP PHOTO & CERTIFICATES – Artists will gather for the 2022 International Folk Art Market Santa Fe group photo on the front steps of Museum Hill, upper level at a to be determined time on Wednesday July 6th.  (We will be sharing the time to meet for the group photo at a later date, but typically it is mid-day on Wednesday.) Should COVID-19 safe practices at the time restrict a group photo, we will take individual photos instead. A copy of this photograph, along with certificates of participation, will be distributed to each booth as a gift from IFAM on Sunday July 10th. (There is a limited supply of photographs reserved for artists and official representatives. A digital copy of the group photo will be shared at a later date.) Certificates are also reserved for official application artists/participants.

IN-BOOTH DEMONSTRATIONS – Artists are encouraged to demonstrate in their booths.

INFORMATION BOOTH – The IFAM Santa Fe Information Booth is located on the upper plaza, at the top of the stairs. Volunteers will be there at all times to answer questions. Lost and Found items are turned in to the IFAM Office.

MARKET ATTENDEES Should reference our website: http://www.folkartmarket.org for schedule, tickets, park and ride shuttle service, etc.

MUSEUM OF INTERNATIONAL FOLK ART – A quiet space is usually available at the Museum of International Folk Art (ask the front desk for location). Exhibitors are welcome to tour the Museum of International Folk Art exhibits during museum hours.


  • The “Production Team” volunteers will collect unneeded flattened boxes and recycle items from the front of booth on Wednesday and will revisit your booths at the end of the Market to help distribute boxes.
  • Save cardboard boxes for holding sold work/packages and for repacking unsold goods. Keep boxes hidden under the tables.

SECURITY – Although there will be 24-hour security on the IFAM Santa Fe site during the event, you are responsible for your booth contents. (Jewelers often take expensive pieces with them each evening.) Please secure product overnight to avoid damage due to bad weather.


  • Booths are 3m x 3m (10’x10’) and are furnished with one table, tablecloth, 2 folding chairs, 1 small trash bin, and a booth identification sign. Some booths have paid for the use of additional tables and tablecloths. More rentals such as tables are available Friday morning on a limited basis. Tablecloths must be returned at the end of IFAM Santa Fe.
  • There is a 3.05m x 1.2m (4’x 10’) hard wall at the back of booth. It is designed to display hanging art objects with standard picture hanging hardware, or 1 5/8” drywall screws.
  • Booths are under a tent. Do not roll the tent sides down. Booths at the ends of tents are supplied with plastic sheeting in case of rain.
  • Each booth will receive a box with sales supplies that must be returned at the end of the Market. Supplies will be picked up at your booth by a volunteer team.
  • The aisle in front of the booth must be kept completely clear.
  • Please do not block the sides of your booth with displays higher than the draping.
  • No garment rack, shelf or display fixture may be taller than 48 inches or approximately 1.2 meters.
  • There is no power or lighting provided in booths. No audio-visual presentations are permitted in the booths.

$200 DOLLAR ART DONATION As agreed, representatives of IFAM Santa Fe will visit booths on Wednesday prior to the Market opening to select a piece or pieces of art for IFAM’s “Best of the Best” booth. The artwork that is selected will be displayed for sale with the artist’s name and booth number, and sold by a specialized team of “Best of the Best” volunteer sales team to promote your work. An item or group of items will be selected with a value up to $200 USD (retail price), and each donation must be ticketed with the retail price. Your contribution is very much appreciated.  

UNSOLD ART – All IFAM Santa Fe participants are responsible for arranging and paying for the return shipment of any unsold goods; and removal of all display and packing materials at the close of IFAM Santa Fe, Sunday afternoon. IFAM does not provide security after the close of IFAM Santa Fe – any goods left behind are considered abandoned. Save boxes and packing materials under your tables if you think you might need them. Load any unsold art right after the Market closes on Sunday.

The Shipment Booth is available on-site to help ship/return remaining goods (inquire with them on Sunday afternoon to discuss). The shipping agent will be across from the main market entrance on Camino Lejo. The shipping agent will also plans to be at The Sage Hotel Registration Room on Monday, July 11th from 9 am until 1 pm to offer their services for the following carriers: UPS, US Postal Service and DHL.

VOLUNTEERS – There are a variety of volunteers throughout the Market event. They can be recognized by their volunteer t-shirts and badges. 

WEATHER – Days are hot and nights are cool. Be sure to drink lots of water throughout your stay. The City of Santa Fe is situated at an altitude of 7,040ft (2,146m). Dehydration and altitude sickness develops very quickly.

In case of rain, all booths are supplied with plastic sheeting and clamps.

AFTER THE MARKET CLOSES – Pack up your artwork. If you have not saved enough boxes, there will be boxes available for your use. Do not start packing before 5 pm Sunday July 10th, 2022. Please be considerate to properly throw away trash and clean up your booth space before leaving. Please return any market supplies that have been rented to the IFAM Booth Supplies Area (see map). IFAM will not be responsible for any items left behind after Market closes.


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