To be completed by a Law Enforcement Officer who is DIRECTLY working with the person in need.

**AoP WILL NOT assist if an officer is called out by a Crisis Response Team, Victim Advocate, DCS, another nonprofit, etc., solely to have an officer submit a request to AoP.

*** Officer's should not utilize AoP solely for a "211" issue, but for a "911" issue ***

Incident Information

Homeless Request? Please read ----------We are not an agency that provides motel vouchers for the homeless ----------- REMINDER: AoP is extremely limited when working with the homeless, as most do not require PD (911), but require social services (211). Angels on Patrol is NOT equipped to work with the chronically homeless, especially now, with the homeless crisis.

Information for Individual Being Assisted by this Request

Gender *
Race *

Additional Individuals On-Scene

Request of Angels on Patrol

After Hours Request - Between (1900-0700 hours Monday - Friday, weekends & holidays)

We are receiving "frequent flyers" in the middle of the night. PLEASE ASK IF THEY'VE BEEN ASSISTED BY AoP BEFORE YOU SUBMIT REQUEST. If they have, tell them you CAN NOT assist as they've already been assisted by AoP. Thank you for understanding.