Non-Profit Grant Application

Non-Profit Community Centers located within the County. Grant application period will close September 30th. Below are a list of requirements and supporting documentation that must be submitted as part of the grant application.

•The grant must be for a capital related project

•The project must provide benefit to the residents of Carroll County, Virginia

•Documentation of Non-Profit status, such as a copy of the 990-tax return must be provided

•A copy of the most recent yearend financial statements

The grant award period will begin with grant award notification. Grant approved projects should be completed by May 30th following the grant award notification unless prior approvals are received to allow for the grant to extend past the deadline. Reporting of the completed project back to the County must be completed by June 15th.

Please complete the following information:
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By signing the grant application, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. Funds provided will only be used for project indicated in the application
2. Projects will be completed on or before May 30th following the grant award notification
3. Proof of project completion must be provided to the County Finance Department at on or before June 15th following the date of grant award
4. Status as a Non-profit must be maintained throughout the grant award period
5. Unspent funds must be returned to the County on or before June 30th following the date of grant award
Please contact that Administrator's Office at (276) 730-3001 if you have any questions.