Summer 2019
St. Paul FSC Training Camps
SUMMER CAMPS 2019: JUNE 10 - AUGUST 30, 2019 (weekly and daily camps)
No camp July 4-5, July 18-19, August 15-16

Camp is offered in one week or daily segments. Choose as many weeks as you like!

Each day (Monday - Friday) will include approximately 2.5 hours on ice and 2 hours off ice. Additional lessons or freestyle sessions may be added for additional training. Start time and schedule will be determined by level and will be assigned one week prior to start date.

Schedules will be customized to fit individual skaters level and needs.


Daily Classes

  • Off Ice Jump Technique Class
  • On Ice Jump Technique Class
  • On Ice Spin Class
  • Skating Skills/Edge Class
  • Off Ice Electric Spinner Class
  • Ballet or Strength and Conditioning or Modern Dance (2-3 days per week)
  • Mental Training Class for Competitive and Elite Level Skaters (offered once per week)

Freestyle Sessions

  • Two 30 minutes freestyle sessions included daily for practice or optional private lessons
  • Additional sessions optional - 12 hours of ice available daily


Private Lessons

  • Optional private lessons in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Ice Dance or Pair skating from our Regional, Sectional, National and International level Coaching Staff.
  • Optional Choreography lessons available. Have your program choreographed or add flair to an existing program this summer at St. Paul FSC!

More Options

  • Electric Spinner Private Lessons
  • On ice Harness Lessons (overhead or pole harness)
  • Off ice Harness Lessons
  • Participate in the St. Paul FSC weekly exhibition
  • Monthly Test Sessions
  • Additional Freestyle Sessions


Skater Information
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Summer Camps

Weekly Camps June 10 - Aug 30, 2019 (No camp July 4-5, July 18-19, August 15-16)
Please select the weeks you would like to participate in. Select as many as you like.

Name Your Own Dates Camps

St. Paul FSC offers year around training and classes, and you can come at any time of year to train. Please choose the number of weeks OR the number of days you intend to come, and list the dates you are requesting below. You may purchase by the week or by the day. Save 10% by purchase weekly camp!
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Camp Options can be added after the time of registration if available. Availability of camp options are limited.
Private Lessons
Private lessons can be reserved with staff coaches. A coach from our Regional/Sectional/National/International level coaching staff will be assigned to you based on availability.
To resere private lesson time calculate the number of private lessons you would like during your time at camp.
Example: One 60 minute lesson per day for two weeks of camp would be ten (10) 60 minute lessons for the entire period you are at camp.
Type the number of Private Lessons you would like during your entire stay at camp.
You may request a specific coach for private lessons. Every effort will be made to fulfill your request however we can't guarantee their availability. If a specific coach is requested the coach will bill at their hourly rate which may exceed the Staff Coach rate listed above. Any additional rate will be billed and due at the beginning of camp.
Please select the number of choreography lessons you would like during your stay at camp. If you would like choreography, we will contact you to have you send your music in advance. A staff choreographer will be assigned based on availability.
Type the number of Choreography Lessons you would like during your entire stay at camp.
Spinner Lessons and Classes
The off ice Spinner is the newest innovation in training figure skaters how to improve; body awareness, air position, rotational speed, incredible quickness and the ability to make corrections immediately!
Type the number of spinner lessons/classes you would like during your entire time at camp.
Thursday Exhibition - Type how many weeks you would like to participate.
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