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Ambassador Program Application

The mission of Sparkly Soul is to celebrate women who find their strength and soul while pushing themselves to their limits. To us...Sparkly Soul Ambassadors are individuals who embody what it is to be a “Sparkly Soul”. 

Coming soon in 2016 - We will be welcoming a Class of 2016 Sparkly Soul Ambassadors joining all our current incredible Sparkly Soul Ambassadors 

Don't forget to get your applications in if you haven't already (if you have applied in the past, we have your information on file.) The deadline to apply is December 15, 2015. Apply below!
Share this Ambassador Application link and deadline with hashtag #sparklysoulClassof2016 to encourage your friends and any inspirational sparkly people to apply before December 15, 2015! 
Our current Ambassadors are the best and sparkliest people we know and we appreciate having them as part of our Sparkly Soul family. The Class of 2016 Ambassadors will be announced in the beginning of 2016.  You will receive an invitation to the program if accepted and you will also receive an overview of the Ambassador Program to review before accepting an Ambassador invitation!  
We typically accept 5-30 Ambassadors in a given round. Please keep in mind we currently have 1,000 + applications from the last years. If you don't get accepted, it doesn't mean we don't love you and please keep in mind that we will keep you application on file for future rounds!  

Typically - We are accept applications and will add a ambassadors during the year on a rolling basis.

Due to the amount of applications we receive, we regret that we will not be able to respond to each of you individually.  We will keep all applications on file and will contact you if we are looking to fill ambassador spots.

Sparkly Soul Ambassador Program Application

What do you identify yourself as (check as many as apply): *
What is your fav workout/ what would you identify yourself as (check as many as apply): *
Would you say you are: *
I wear my Sparkly Soul headband: *

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 Sparkly Soul Ambassadors are enthusiastic individuals who wear Sparkly Soul because they believe in the quality of our product and embody the mission of our brand. A Sparkly Soul Ambassador will be someone who is outgoing, active in their city, in social media and in their running or exercise community.  

As you know, Sparkly Soul LOVES interacting with our customers on a daily basis on:






 Instagram: sparklysoulinc

 LinkedIn: Sparkly Soul Inc.

 Google +: Sparkly Soul

 Please check us out on these social media sites and follow us!

 For us, our greatest success is watching races and seeing our fabulous fashionistas being fierce and strong in their Sparkly Soul nonslip headbands. We love hearing all the fabulous activities and adventures where customers use their Sparkly Soul headbands. Social media allows us to interact with customers and receive real-time feedback and comments.

 We received many requests from Sparkly Soul customers who wanted to become more involved with the brand and promote the product in their local communities, races, fitness classes, media projects, and with their family and friends. We wanted to find a way to make YOU more involved in spreading our mission and the love for sparkle, fitness and awesomeness.

The goal of the Sparkly Soul Ambassador Program is continue to support and encourage our customers and to make a bad hair day into a sparkly day :) We have met so many amazing inspirational women along the way, and we want to highlight and celebrate those that embody what it is to be a "Sparkly Soul".

 At this time Sparkly Soul does not provide monetary or product sponsorships.

 What is expected of Ambassadors

 - Social media sharing - This involves posts on any social media including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, You Tube etc. Whatever you would like to include. Please include hashtag #sparklysoulinc when talking about Sparkly Soul on social media.  You will receive a more detailed version of the requirements when receive a Sparkly Soul Ambassador Invitation.

 - Interact with us on social media (@SPARKLYSOULINC).

 - Post Sparkly Soul logo on your website or blog.

 - Provide and post photos of you rocking your Sparkly Soul on social media and your blog/website.

 - Be awesome in your community (this shouldn't be hard because you are so awesome already!)

 - Sharing your love for Sparkly Soul - anywhere and everywhere you would like including running groups, fitness classes, local retail locations, social media etc.

 As a Sparkly Soul Ambassador, you will get the following:

 - Discount on Sparkly Soul at

- Free products

 - Profile on our social media websites.

 - The buzz on new and exciting promotions and products before they are announced.

 - Other perks 

 Interested in joining the SPARKLY party? Apply above!

All Ambassador terms are yearly and typically renews each year based upon the Ambassador, as well as eligibility requirements.  A term as a Sparkly Soul Ambassador can end at any time during a given year based on the requirements or ended by either party at anytime.