K-3 Site Application: Minnesota Reading Corps


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Minnesota Reading Corps site in 2017-18.

Prior to starting an application we recommend that you review the Guide to Applying. If you have further questions about the program or application, please contact Christine Fankhanel at Christine.Fankhanel@servetogrow.org or 612-206-3035.


Notes about Logging In

Everyone must begin the application by creating a username and password under "Create an account." No usernames are pre-assigned; create one of your own choosing.

Though this login page looks similar to others you may have used for Reading Corps or Math Corps, user accounts are not stored across the system or from year to year. Each form requires its own login credentials.

Current sites applying to return for 2017-18 are required to create a new account.

Sites that have already applied for another one of our programs (Math Corps or Reading Corps PreK) must create an separate account for this application form.  Usernames can be the same for different programs if you so choose.


Saving and editing your application

You may save your work and return to complete the application later. To save your work simply click “Save Partial Work” at the bottom of any page.

We recommend testing the “Save Partial Work” button after responding to only a few of the questions on page 2. If you receive an error message about the “subject_line field” please turn off your web browser’s auto-complete feature or try filling out the application in a different web browser.

You may log in to your account until 5:00 p.m. on March 1 to edit any of your saved or submitted information. Please ensure that you return to submit your completed application prior to 5:00 p.m. on March 1, 2017.

If you return to edit your saved or submitted application, type your username and password under "returning users."

Create an account
Login for returning users


If you experience any technical difficulties while completing this application, please contact Christine.Fankhanel@servetogrow.org.