Site Application

Please refer to the Guide to Partnering for more information about the program model and what we ask of our partnering schools.
Restrictions or additional policies may apply for AmeriCorps service at sites that are faith-based/religious or for-profit entities. Please indicate whether the criteria below apply to your site.

Principal Information

Internal Coach Information

All AmeriCorps programs require a Site Supervisor (called an “Internal Coach” for Math Corps). This is a staff member of the service site or district/agency, and cannot be another AmeriCorps member. If you do not know who that is at this moment, please select “designate at a later time” and a staff member will work with you to identify this person prior to May 1st. Otherwise, select "Enter Internal Coach Info" and please fill in the information below.
Designate an Internal Coach: *

Recruitment Contact Information

Please identify a recruitment contact who will lead recruitment efforts at your site and serve as a point of contact for Math Corps staff. Partner sites are most successful in placing AmeriCorps members when they work alongside our staff to recruit from their community and networks. 
Who will be your Recruitment Contact? *

Interview Information

Math Corps staff review applications and conduct an initial phone screening to determine whether an applicant is qualified to serve with AmeriCorps and to provide an overview of the commitments and benefits. A representative from your site will be included in the final interview to ensure that candidates are a good fit for your school. Please designate below who will participate in the final interview alongside Math Corps staff:
Who will be your Interview Contact? *

District/HR Contact Information

AmeriCorps Member Request

AmeriCorps members with Math Corps are referred to as Math Tutors. Please consider the items below when determining your member request for the 24-25 school year. If you have any questions related to your member request, please contact

  • Student need and availability
  • School schedule and space availability
  • Availability and capacity of the Internal Coach (we estimate that Internal Coaches designate 6-9 hours per member per month)
Indicate the commitment levels of Math Tutors requested by your school. Please select all hours commitment levels you are open to. We consider school requests as well as the availability of candidates when placing members. *
Individuals can serve 4 terms of service with AmeriCorps. Are you interested in your current tutor returning for next school year if available? *

Student Need

Site Fee Information

While federal AmeriCorps funding covers 2/3 of the costs associated with each member, participating sites pay an annual fee to serve as a cash match to the federal dollars. The annual fee is billed in two installments.  Additional funding may be available to cover this site fee for new sites.
Annual Site Fee (per tutor):
Half-time 900 hour tutor: $6,224
Reduced half-time 675 hour tutor: $4,668
Quarter-time 450 hour tutor:  $2,766

Site Agreement Information

All Math Corps site partners must sign a site agreement outlining the partnership between the site and the program by May 1st.

Review & Submit

Please review the form before clicking the "Submit" button below to submit your application.
You will receive a copy of your application via email.
North Dakota Math Corps is a strategic initiative of the South East Education Cooperative.