Please refer to the Guide to Partnering for more information about Climate Impact Corps.
AmeriCorps service typically takes place at non-profit, government, and/or educational institutions. Restrictions or additional policies may apply for AmeriCorps service at sites that are faith based/religious or for-profit entities. Please indicate whether the criteria below apply to your site.

Organization Information & Community Need

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Director Information

Site Supervisor Information

All AmeriCorps programs require a Site Supervisor to provide onsite support and supervision for each member placed. If you do not know who that is at this moment, please select “designate at a later time” and a staff member will work with you to identify this person. Otherwise, select "Enter Site Supervisor Info" and please fill in the information below.
Designate a Site Supervisor: *

Recruitment Contact Information

Ampact staff lead and facilitate the interview and selection process for AmeriCorps members. Partner organizations play an essential and active role in member recruitment by collaborating with Ampact staff to provide referrals and recruit prospective AmeriCorps members from their community and networks. 
Please identify a recruitment contact who will lead recruitment efforts at your site and serve as a point of contact for Ampact staff for recruitment-related communication and meetings. 
Who will be your Recruitment Contact? *
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AmeriCorps Member Request

AmeriCorps members with Climate Impact Corps provide capacity-building services to sites as Climate Impact Project Coordinators. Climate Impact Project Coordinators support climate-related projects at their sites and build the capacity of sites to increase their reach, effectiveness, and/or efficiency. 
Sites indicate their specific requests for climate-related projects for AmeriCorps member support in the grid below. Once awarded, sites complete a pre- and post-capacity assessment that aligns with the Minnesota Climate Action Framework. Additionally, sites and members develop a unique service plan at the beginning of the service term to outline how the member(s) will support their site. 
Indicate the commitment levels of Climate Impact Project Coordinators requested by your organization. We consider organizational requests as well as candidate availability when placing members. *
Climate Impact Project Coordinators provide capacity building services to support sites in implementing the Minnesota Climate Action Framework and/or Tribal Nation Cimate Action Framework. Please indicate the climate priority area(s) for which you are requesting Climate Impact Corps member(s) to support below. 

For the climate priority areas listed in each row, indicate the capacity building domain(s) in each column that you anticipate the member(s) supporting. If you do not anticipate member(s) supporting a particular climate priority area, please select "N/A" in the righthand column for that row. 

The information collected here helps Climate Impact Corps understand how your site envisions AmeriCorps member service enhancing your capacity. This informs our site selection and member placement processes, assists us in creating member training plans, and also provides valuable insights for members to develop effective service plans. 

For complete definitions and examples of each capacity building domain and climate priority area, please refer to this Climate Impact Corps Definitions and Examples document*
 Community Engagement, Communication, and OutreachData Collection, Research, and AnalysisProcess ImprovementVolunteer Management and MobilizationWorkforce DevelopmentCoordination of Site-Specific Projects Related to the Needs of the Community and SectorN/A
Clean Transportation
Climate-Smart Natural and Working Lands
Resilient Communities
Clean Energy and Efficient Buildings
Healthy Lives and Communities
Clean Economy
Tribal Nation Climate Action Goal
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Climate Impact Corps is particularly interested in some specific direct service activities due to targeted funding. Please indicate which of the following activities you expect Climate Impact Corps members to participate in during the 2024-25 year. Please check all that apply or indicate "none of the above". *
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AmeriCorps policy requires that AmeriCorps members serve at a physical site location, even if service activities are delivered virtually. Does your site have a physical location for AmeriCorps members to conduct their service? *
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All AmeriCorps members expected or required to drive their own cars or company-provided vehicles are required to complete a motor vehicle check for Ampact that must be approved before they can begin driving as part of their service. 
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Site Agreement Information

All Ampact site partners must sign a site agreement outlining the partnership between the site and the program. Our site agreement requires the signature of someone who is authorized to enter into an agreement on behalf of your site or agency.

Review & Submit

Please provide the information of the person completing this site application below. 
Review the form before clicking the "Submit" button below to submit this application. The Principal/Director listed above will receive a copy of this application via email.
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