Please refer to the Guide to Partnering for more information about Climate Impact Corps.
AmeriCorps service typically takes place at non-profit, government, and/or educational institutions. Restrictions or additional policies may apply for AmeriCorps service at sites that are faith based/religious or for-profit entities. Please indicate whether the criteria below apply to your site.

Organization Information & Community Need

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Does your site anticipate that AmeriCorps members will be delivering service activities virtually (e.g., virtual meetings, office work or projects that will be done remotely)? *
Beginning in the 2023-24 program year, updated AmeriCorps policy requires that AmeriCorps members serve at a physical site location, even if service activities are delivered virtually. Does your site have a physical location for AmeriCorps members to conduct their service? *
Please proceed with submitting your Climate Impact Corps site application. Our team will work with you to understand the unique circumstances of your site and determine your eligibility for AmeriCorps member service.

Director Information

Site Supervisor Information

All AmeriCorps programs require a Site Supervisor to provide onsite support and supervision for each member placed. If you do not know who that is at this moment, please select “designate at a later time” and a staff member will work with you to identify this person. Otherwise, select "Enter Site Supervisor Info" and please fill in the information below.
Designate a Site Supervisor: *

Recruitment Contact Information

Please identify a recruitment contact who will lead recruitment efforts at your site and serve as a point of contact for Ampact staff. Partner sites are most successful in placing high-quality AmeriCorps members when they work alongside our staff to recruit from their community and networks. 
Who will be your Recruitment Contact? *

Interview Information

Ampact staff lead and facilitate the interview and secltion process for AmeriCorps members. Sites may choose to have a contact from the site participate in pre-scheduled interviews if their availability allows. If you would like a contact from your site to be invited to participate in interviews alongside Ampact staff, please check the box below:
Who will be your Interview Contact? *

AmeriCorps Member Request

Climate Impact Corps operates three different program initiatives that use evidence-based strategies to help communities mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

Community Forestry Initiative - AmeriCorps members serve at nonprofit or public agencies with a mission to preserve and protect the environment. By preserving and increasing tree canopy, members create a positive impact on our planet and the wellbeing of Minnesota communities, including urban settings. Click here for more information about the Community Forestry Initiative. 

Home Energy Initiative - AmeriCorps members support Minnesotans who are eligible for the Weatherization Assistance Program by providing education and other support. Click here for more information about the Home Energy Initative. 

Community Resilience Initiative - AmeriCorps members serve at nonprofit or public agencies and connect with others to make local change. By engaging and educating community members in environmental efforts, members help build resilience to climate change. Click here for more information about the Community Resilience Initiative.

In the section below, please indicate the number of AmeriCorps members within each initiative you are requesting for your site during the 2023-2024 program year (late August 2023 through July 2024). If you have any questions related to our programs or your member request, please contact

Indicate the commitment levels of Community Forestry Members requested by your organization. We consider organizational requests as well as the availability of the candidate when placing members. *
Please indicate which of the following activities you expect Community Forestry Members to participate in for the 2023-2024 year (check all that apply): *
Please indicate which of the following activities you expect Home Energy Members to participate in for the 2023-2024 year (check all that apply): *
Please indicate which of the following activities you expect Community Stewardship Facilitators to participate in for the 2023-2024 year (check all that apply): *
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Site Agreement Information

All Ampact site partners must sign a site agreement outlining the partnership between the site and the program. 

Home Energy Initiative Site Fee Information

Please note: the question below is for informational purposes only and will not be used in the decision-making process to award sites. 

There is a site fee of $10,000 per member for the Home Energy Initiative of Climate Impact Corps. This site fee is billed directly to partner sites who then receive funds from the Minnesota Department of Commerce. If this site fee is a barrier to participation in the program, please email to inquire about potential options for assistance. 


Review & Submit

Please review the form before clicking the "Submit" button below to submit your application.
You will receive a copy of your application via email.
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