Site Application

Please refer to the Guide to Partnering for more information about the program model and what we ask of our partnering sites.
Restrictions or additional policies may apply for AmeriCorps service at sites that are faith-based/religious or for-profit entities. Please indicate whether the criteria below apply to your site.
Days of the week PreK program is held: *

Principal/Director Information

Internal Coach Information

All AmeriCorps programs require a Site Supervisor (called an “Internal Coach” for Early Learning Corps). This is a staff member of the service site or district/agency, and cannot be another AmeriCorps member. The time commitment of the Internal Coach must be carefully considered and planned to ensure a successful partnership with Early Learning Corps. On average, Internal Coaches provide 6-9 hours of coaching and support per tutor per month.
If you do not know who that is at this moment, please select “designate at a later time” and a staff member will work with you to identify this person prior to May 1st. Otherwise, select "Enter Internal Coach Info" and please fill in the information below.
Designate an Internal Coach: *
Who will be your Internal Coach? *

District/Organization Contact Information

Program staff provide periodic updates and communication with stakeholders. Are there any additional district/organization contacts with whom we should communicate? (Ex. District Curriculum Coordinator, Coaching Coordinator, PD Director, Superintendent, Childcare Center Owner, Program Director etc.)

AmeriCorps Member Request - Educator Corps

An Educator Corps member is a current employee (classroom teacher, para or aide) of the service site where they serve. Educator Corps members are trained in research-based early literacy and numeracy strategies and collaborate with other teaching staff to enhance daily literacy and math opportunities and conduct literacy and math assessments to increase the number of children on target with early learning predictors. Tutors will continue to be paid by your organization and be eligible to recieve an education award through AmeriCorps upon completion of their service hours.
Indicate the commitment level(s) of Educator Corps members requested by your site. We consider site requests as well as student needs when awarding positions. *
Who will fill the role of Early Learning Corps tutor? *

Student Need & Demographics

Early Learning Tutors must be placed in a classroom that serves 3- to 5-year-old children, with priority on classrooms with 4- and 5-year old children. 

Select all ages of children at your site that you anticipate participating in an Early Learning Corps classroom next year. *

Site Fee Information

While federal AmeriCorps funding covers 2/3 of the costs associated with each member, participating sites pay an annual fee to serve as cash match to the federal dollars. The annual fee is billed in two installments. 

Site Agreement Information

All Early Learning Corps site partners must sign a site agreement outlining the partnership between the site and the program by May 22nd. 

Who will sign the Host Site Agreement? *

Review & Submit

Please review the form before clicking the "Submit" button below to submit your application.
You will receive a copy of your application via email.
North Dakota Early Learning Corps is a strategic initiative of the South East Education Cooperative.