Illinois Tactical Officers Association

2019 ITOA Annual Conference Registration
Multiple Entry Registration Form

Form instructions
All registered attendees must be from the same Police Department.
Once an attendee field is checked, the first name, last name, rank, and email must be filled out accurately. Any inaccuracies will be returned to the sender for completion. All money will be held until the form is complete and accurate. 
Note: If you are filling out this form for someone else, please enter in the registered attendee's correct email address. Otherwise, he/she will not receive ITOA Notifications, Confirmation Letter or ITOA News magazine.
If you are registering more than 10 officers, fill out this form again with new attendees entered.
Please indicate if the attendee plans to attend the Monday Night Banquet Dinner.
The cost of the Training Conference is $325.00 per attendee.


You must check Register for the ITOA to accept the attendee.
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