Through the Miracle Home Program, you support your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital with every real estate transaction. Join your RE/MAX colleagues today, and make a difference in the lives of children in your community!

Agent Information


Please select from one of the following donation options:

I agree to make a donation on behalf of each real estate transaction in the amount below . ($25 per transaction minimum to be eligible for Honor Card Program.)
I want to help make miracles happen in my community and agree to a once yearly donation in the amount below. (Does NOT qualify for Honor Card program)
I understand that the entire amount of my donation will go to the Children's Miracle Network affiliated hospital which serves my community. I also understand that by making my donation I am entitled to promote my participation as a sponsor of the Children's Miracle Network and enter my listings or future listings as Miracle Homes and am entitled to use the CMN logos in my promotion. *

Questions? Contact Holly Sheppard at 800.878.8138 or