Thank you for your interest in Alpha.
Alpha is a series of teachings and group discussions that explore life, meaning, and faith through a Christian lens. It is an open and non-judmental environment where everyone is free to share their thoughts and questions regardless of where you are in your journey of faith.
Alpha is for you if you want to learn more about what Christians believe. Alpha is for you if you're skeptical of Christianity or have no faith at all. Alpha is for you if you've been a Christian for many years but you still have questions. Alpha is for you if you're looking to find community and a safe place to explore the Christian faith.
If you want to know more, we'd love to invite you to try Session 1 on Wednesday, September 8.
It will be a fun evening of food and fellowship where you can find out if Alpha is for you.


Dinner will be served in the Fellowship Hall from 5:00-6:00PM. You may arrive at any time between 5:00-6:00PM to grab dinner and find your table.
Around 5:45PM there will be a welcome and introduction. The Alpha session will begin promptly at 6:00PM. Each Alpha session features a 25-minute teaching designed to inspire more questions than provide answers. Each teaching explores the big issues around faith and unpacks the basics of Christianity.
The entire night builds toward this peak experience: after the teaching you will have conversations around your table where you can share your thoughts about faith and life and hear from others in your group. You are free to say whatever you like or as little as you like. It's up to you.


Join us for Session 1 of Alpha on Wednesday, September 8.
The Alpha course runs for 11 weeks, ending on Wednesday, November 17.
If you have to miss a session or two, that's okay. But we hope you'll consider making space in your calendar to join us for as many of the sessions as you can.