Pugs U Gotta Save (P.U.G.S.) is seeking volunteers to serve our community. Fill in the information below to indicate how you would like to become involved.
Volunteering with Pugs U Gotta Save is not just about fostering or transport.  We are a growing organization, looking for people that wish to donate their time doing what they like.  While there are a few activities that are assigned to an individual to meet the requirements of being a 501.(c).(3) non-profit organization, there are more activities and ways to help than imaginable.  (But we want you to imagine what you might be able to do.)
So, the questionaire to follow covers some of our core activities.  Yes, we always could use more fosters to take in a pet for a short time, care for him or her, show them love, and then with both sadness and excitement see them off to their forever home.
Yes, we could use more people interested in making phone calls to help us perform reference checks.
Yes, we would like to have more volunteers at some of our events.
But, the thing is? We want you to enjoy what you are doing, to help us figure out what we need and fill that gap.  Volunteer work should be fun in some way or another.  Events are great because we get a chance to meet new people, share knowledge about the pug breed, and to support the organization; however, not everyone finds face-to-face interaction so much fun.  Others may enjoy developing a poster or flier for an event, or perhaps taking pictures. 
So, whatever your desire to help, or to do.  Please take a moment and apply to become a volunteer with Pugs U Gotta Save.  We ask that you be honest with yourself and us, so if there is the support you normally provide that can not be given right now, let us know for how long, what we might expect, and who might be able to continue with your efforts.  We really look forward to what you have to offer.
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