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Please take a moment to fill out our online application.

By signing below I "The Rental Applicant" agree that all of the information submitted on this rental application is true, accurate, and complete to the best of the Rental Applicant’s knowledge.

APPLICATION FEE. In order to process the Rental Applicant’s application, P2L requires a non-refundable $35 application fee. Every person of age 18 or older who will be named on the lease must submit a separate application and $35 application fee.

RELEASE OF INFORMATION. The Rental Applicant authorizes P2L to contact past and present landlords, past and present employers, creditors, credit bureaus, references and any other sources necessary to verify the information submitted on this rental application. ANY PERSON OR FIRM IS AUTHORIZED TO RELEASE INFORMATION ABOUT THE RENTAL APPLICANT TO P2L. If this application is denied for any reason OTHER THAN FALSIFICATION OF INFORMATION ON THIS RENTAL APPLICATION, this application could be transferable to any other available property listed by P2L. IF THIS APPLICATION IS DENIED BECAUSE THE RENTAL APPLICANT PROVIDED FALSE INFORMATION, THE APPLICATION FEE WILL BE NON-TRANSFERABLE. *
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