Jazz Dance: Hybrids, Fusions, Connections, Community

Tuesday, July 30 - Friday, August 2, 2019

Salve Regina University | Newport, Rhode Island
Deadline to Submit is March 1, 2019
Proposal Fee: $15
The inaugural NDEO jazz dance conference in 2016 left participants with an overwhelming sense of community. Riding on this wave into the future, we invite past conference participants and all jazz dance enthusiasts to connect once again in the City by the Sea. Jazz Dance: Hybrids, Fusions, Connections, Communitywill bring together a community of jazz artists, educators, and practitioners to share and deepen their understanding of what jazz dance is today, in all its vibrant shapes and forms, and how it might continue to evolve.

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Hybrids, Fusions

Jazz dance is a fusion at its core, expressed in multiple ways. What styles and aesthetics fuse together in your signature jazz style and how do you trace your jazz lineage? Do you see the African roots in today’s jazz dance practices, and how do you teach jazz in a way that honors its origins? How do globalization, technology, and social media inspire new hybrids and fusions that are rooted in jazz dance?


How do you connect to authentic jazz dance in your teaching or choreography? Does your jazz practice unite diverse populations or serve your community in a unique way? In what ways do you connect to music? How does jazz connect to race, racism, gender, age? How do you build relationships across sectors, ages, cultures? How do jazz styles relate to the way they are performed (e.g. competitively, socially, recreationally, etc.)? Do you engage in or utilize research in your practice?


How do you build community in your jazz classes? Do you have an innovative way of using jazz to engage, inspire, or effect change in your community? In what ways do you interact with colleagues to advance jazz dance in your teaching environment and your community? What is the position of jazz dance in your place of employment, and how do you advocate for jazz dance?

Conference session types:

  • Movement Sessions (60 minutes)
  • Paper Presentations (20 minutes with 10 minutes Q&A)
  • Panels (60 minutes; 3-5 panelists)
  • Jam Sessions (20 minutes) - Explore ideas. Jams might explore a warm-up exercise, a brief across the floor combination, or a community building activity.
  • Choreography as Community (90 minutes) - Explore movement ideas/phrases with conference participants, to be performed informally at the conference's conclusion.

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