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Photo and Photo Release Information

The owner / copyright holder of this photograph(s) grants permission to the National Dance Education Organization to use the photo(s) in the following manner: We / I hereby give to National Dance Education Organization (located at the above address), it successors and assigns, the right to use and publish these photographs, in whole or part, including alterations, modifications, derivations and composites thereof, on their website, in their printed marketing / PR / display materials, in social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), in their Journal of Dance Education or any other journals/magazines (Dance Education in Practice) that NDEO may develop with its publisher, in any fundraising program, in print or TV advertisements or in any media kit which NDEO might use to supplement articles written about NDEO or dance education in newspapers, magazines, online, etc. The right shall include the right to combine photos with others and to alter photos by digital means or otherwise, for the purposes set forth herein. In consideration of the printing/production deadlines, we/I hereby waive any right that we/I may have to inspect and approve the finished product or copy that may be used in connection with my photographs. In return, NDEO will include photographer credit as well as a credit to the owner of the photos (ie. name of school, university or dance company) when using the photos.I affirm that the photograph(s) submitted are original on my/our part and that we/I am sole owner of such materials, and that neither such materials nor the permission granted hereby infringe upon the right of others. *