The 19th Annual NDEO National Conference

Choreography, Choice-Making, and Communication
Wednesday, October 23 - Saturday, October 26, 2019
Hyatt Regency Miami
Miami, FL
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Deadline for Submission to July 1, 2019 by 11:59pm

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Conference Theme: The Creative Process: Choreography, Choice-Making, and Collaboration
As dance making plays an integral role in dance education, it is our responsibility as dance educators to share, expand, and imagine possibilities that the creative process can manifest through encompassing conversation and experiential communication. You are invited to consider the multiple facets of the creative process when devising your proposal. Some questions to consider as you put together your proposal:
  • What impacts the choices one makes as a creator, performer, or educator? How can these roles interplay in one’s professional career?
  • As a choreographer how do you engage dancers in a process that addresses issues of gender, culture, socio-economic status, and challenges or concerns in today’s ever-changing communities? How do we encourage inclusivity in the creative and performative processes, especially in dance forms where participation has traditionally been limited to dancers who fit a certain aesthetic?
  • As an educator, how can you inform, guide and mentor students to develop their own personal creative processes as they take the next steps in their careers and in their lives? How do we make the creative process safe and developmentally appropriate for all participants? How do we encourage growth mindset, critical thinking, personal empowerment, and community engagement through the creative and performative processes?
  • How do we embrace our complicated and at times challenging societal and dance histories through the teaching and restaging of masterworks?
  • In what ways can dance be utilized as a vehicle for communicating, expressing emotions, telling stories, conveying information, and igniting passions in both performers and audience members? How do we, as a dance community, become more unified, more connected, and provide shared resources that can be of service to the dance commonwealth? In what ways can we reach beyond our own dance community to serve as an advocate and voice in the larger global arena?
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