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NDEO Student Organizations for Colleges and Universities - Application and Update Form

NDEO Student Organizations (formerly NDEO Student Chapters) are local associations of college-aged students that align their mission and activities with NDEO’s mission to advance dance education centered in the arts. NSO's are comprised of students interested in dance and dance education at degree awarding institutions or professional dance education programs that are Institutional Members of NDEO.


Suggested activities of the NSO are;



  • Organizing performance opportunities

  • Implementing mentorship programs with incoming freshmen or local high school dance students

  • Sponsoring dance technique classes or workshops for the school or community

  • Raising money to benefit local dance initiatives or charity programs

  • Organizing advocacy efforts either at the university or city/state level

  • Hosting professional and career development networking events

  • Preparing and submitting a proposal to present at the NDEO National Conference with the help of their faculty advisor

  • Administering the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (Separate application required for this program. Check NDEO website for updates.)

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