DELRdi Submission and Release Form

Why should I submit my work for DELRDi inclusion? By submitting to DELRdi, you are not only sharing your ideas with other dance educators, but you are also contributing to the future of dance education literature and research.

Who is eligible to submit documents? All dance educators and advocates are invited to submit documents. There is no fee or membership requirement for submission. You can submit your own work or that of someone else, that you feel represents significant literature for the field.

What type of documents are considered? Document types include but are not limited to:

Academic dissertations, theses, projects, portfolios, papers; Conference proceedings and individual conference presentations; Federal and state government policy documents and reports; National and state standards, curriculum, lesson plans, and syllabi; Journal articles and book chapters; Published blogs, bibliographies, power points; Historical documents: unpublished or currently out of print.

Rolling Submissions Accepted
National Dance Education Organization (NDEO)
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DELRdi (Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index) is a program of NDEO

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Whether you want a citation listing or a citation with full text listing, full text must be provided for review preparation. If PDF or word document is not available, contact regarding submitting hard copies. The document must include author’s name, document title, name of granting institution, year of completion, degree earned, and physical location of the document including UMI/ProQuest Publication numbers if applicable. Also the document contents must include all pages, full bibliography, and all appendices. For full text inclusion, not simply citation, documents must be submitted electronically as PDF or word document. They must be of final publication quality (no whiteouts, crossovers, or editorial markings). All scanned documents should be checked to ensure all pages are correctly aligned before submission. *

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IMPORTANT NOTE: ProQuest and UMI do not hold the copyright to theses and dissertations they have published at any time. The author is the sole copyright owner.

Permission to Reproduce Written Document - Abstract or Full Text

I grant National Dance Education Organization's (NDEO's) Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index (DELRdi) the nonexclusive right to reproduce the abstract or full text of my thesis/dissertation, article, or other for the purpose of listing it in the NDEO Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index. *
I hold copyright to the written document above (thesis, dissertation, article, or other) and I hold the rights to give permission for the reproduction of the abstract or full text. (Please check the box for which permission is granted.) *
NOTE:  If submitting on behalf of someone else, NDEO will contact them to secure permission to reproduce.

OPTIONAL - Demographic Information of Person Submitting the Form

The following optional questions help provide NDEO with a baseline understanding of the demographics of our current membership, which is a picture we currently lack. We hope to use this data to set and pursue goals and objectives around diversity, equity, inclusion and access. We believe that a fuller and more accurate understanding of who we serve is crucial to organizational growth and to serving our members and the field better.
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