Declaration of Certificate in Dance Education

 The Certificate in Dance Education (CiDE) credential is conferred on a student candidate who successfully completes 33 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) in Dance Education through the NDEO Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI).
After the successful completion of the first 9 CEUs of OPDI course work, the student who wants to earn a CiDE must declare the CiDE track as their program of study by completing this short form. 
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NDEO is preparing the next generation of learners through a new Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI) offering a broad range of dance education courses.

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I want to earn a Certificate in Dance Education (CiDE) from NDEO's Online Professional Development Institute and I declare that I have successfully completed at least 9 CEUs (or 3 OPDI courses). *

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Once your CiDE declaration is received, you will receive a follow-up call or email within 2 to 4 weeks to summarize your career plans and professional development needs, and help you create a personalized program of study. 
Thank you for choosing NDEO's OPDI for your Professional Development needs.