Welcome to Meyer Imports and thank you for your interest in becoming an Wholesale Account. As a Wholesaler, you will get generous discount off our standard retail prices, so there is a $50.00 minimum for any orders.

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For become a wholesale account you must either be a reseller or a manufacturer. Crafters and Hobbyist who need product for their personal needs, are not authoritized to become wholesale accounts.
You can become a wholesale account in four easy steps:
1) Open an account at our website so we have all your company details.

2) Fill out the simple form below.

3) Subscribe to our Dealer Only Email Newsletter to stay informed on policy changes, new offers, closeouts and discounts.
Give us 24 hours to "flip" your account to Wholesale Status. If you are in a hurry to order, go ahead, we will make sure to only charge you the wholesale prices when we process your order!
CALIFORNIA ONLY: Email, Fax, or mail us a copy of your California Reseller Permit (IMPORTANT - This only applies to resellers in California! If your your business is not in California, you do not need to send us a copy of your permit.
Please note: You will see the retail price (until you are converted to Wholesale), however once you are a Wholesale account, you will see both the retail and the wholesale prices on our website for almost every product.

Thanks again for your interest! We look forward to having you as another one of our great dealers!

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Don't forget, if you are in California, send us a copy your California Reseller Permit!
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