Dementia Friendly MA Checklist

Review the steps to becoming Dementia- Friendly here:

Add your contact information here:

Have you reviewed the Healthy Aging for All guide on the MA Healthy Aging Collaborative website? *
Please check if the following are on your DF Action Team (This is a suggested list) : *
Are you involving individuals living with dementia or caregivers in your work? *
What is your community currently doing to support people living with dementia. Check all that apply: *
Currently haveIn-processDo not have
Supportive Day
Educational Programming
Alzheimer’s Assoc. Training/Programs
Dementia Friends Training
Memory Café
Dementia Capacity Training for COA staff
Dementia Training for First Responders/EMT’s
How do you plan to make your community Dementia-Friendly? Remember that the plan must address how your community will: *

Sample plans are available here:

How are you going to assess your community’s strength and weaknesses to develop an action plan? Check assessment examples here: *
Is your community interested in pursuing Age and Dementia Friendly status at the same time? *

 Find out more information about a combined initiative here:

Have you consulted with the DFM Project Director, Patty Sullivan? ( *

Additional Info Needed

Remember that the action plan is not a static document. Continuously improve by regularly reviewing the action plan and making adjustments as needed.

With the action plan as your guide, assess and celebrate progress and identify new opportunities as activities are completed and goals are accomplished. Update your community and key stakeholders on progress.