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Member Application and Agreement Form
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Oregon Outdoors membership requires an empowered member of your organization to attend two membership meetings per year in person. Are you able to make this commitment? *
Oregon Outdoors membership requires members to be able and wiling to advocate and lobby in support of Coalition initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels, Is your organization able and willing to do this? *
Oregon Outdoors members should substantively agree with the mission, vision, and core values of the organization (as described in the Governance Guide) and hold Oregon's outdoors as a key focus area of their work. Does this apply to your organization? *
Oregon Outdoors members should be for-profit or nonprofit organizations registered in Oregon, or who have substantial programmatic and/or geographic representation within Oregon. Does this apply to your organization? *
Oregon Outdoors will publish the list of member organizations, use their logos on our website, and will take advocacy positions on policy issues relating to the protection and use of Oregon’s outdoor assets. Are you able to give permission for this on behalf of your organization? *
I have read the Oregon Outdoors Governance Guide and commit to support the mission, vision and values of Oregon Outdoors and to abide by the member requirements and expectations.
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Please direct any questions to oregon.outdoor.coalition@gmail.com.