CKCA Student Forms

Please have your student present to complete the following forms:

Photo & Video Release

Photo/Video Release Form

As a parent of guardian of this student, I hereby consent to the use of photographs/videotape taken during the course of the 2023/2024 school year for publicity, promotional and/or educational purposes (including publication, presentation or broadcast via newspaper, internet or other media sources). I do this with full knowledge and consent and waive all claims for compensation for use or for damages. *
Parent/Guardian Signature: *

Computer & Internet Release

Acceptable Use Agreement: Computers & Internet

As part of my school work my school give me the use of computers, internet, and storage space for my work. My behavior and language should follow the same rules I follow in my class and in my school. To help myself and others, I agree to the following promises:
I will use the computers and internet access only in ways my teachers and school have approved.
I will not give my password(s) to anyone else and I will not ask for or use anyone else's password.
I will not put on the computer or online my address or telephone number or any other personal information about myself or anyone else.
I will not use games or other electronic resouces that have objectionable content or that engage me in an inappropriate siumulated activity.
I will be polite and considerate when I use the computer and or access the internet. I will not use them to annoy, be mean to, frighten, tease, gossip, or make fun of anyone. I will not use swear words or other rude language.
I will not use the computer or internet to bully or threaten anyone, including teachers or students. 
I will not damage the computer or alter the files or file structure of the computer or alter anyone else's work.
I will give credit for information found online and in print sources in my work. I will not break copyright rules or take credit for anyone else's work.
I will not block or interfere with school or school sytem communications. 
I will not try to view, send or upload anything that says and/or shows inappropriate or mean things about anyone's race, religion or gender. 
If I have or see inappropriate material, I will turn off my monitor or device, and seek immediate assistance from a teacher. I will not share the content with other students or people outside of school.
My computer work and online presence is not private. My teacher may look at my work or online communication to be sure that I am following these rules. Compliance with these rules will give me continuted access to computers and the internet.
I know that the conduct that is forbidden in school is also forbidden when I use computers or the internet outside of school if it interferes with other students' education. If I break the rules there will be consequences in school. 
Student Signature: *
Parents: I have read and discussed with my son or daughter the Acceptable Use Agreement. I give permission for him or her to use these resources. I understand that computer and internet access is conditional upon adherence to the guidelines above. Although students are supervised when using these resources, and their use is electronically monitored, I am aware of the possibility that my son or daughter may gain access to material that school officials and I may consider inapropriate or not of educational value.
Parent/Guardian Signature: *
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