NASA SMD Independent Product Review: Reviewer Application/Information Form

Thank you for your interest in reviewing NASA Earth and space science education materials.  The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) conducts these independent peer review panels for NASA and is seeking education reviewers, including science teachers (elementary-secondary, and undergraduate), experts in national education standards (science, mathematics, geography, and technology), science curriculum design experts, and teacher trainers. 

Reviewers who are selected to participate will receive emails/packages (but hard copies of products are rare now) with instructions, evaluation criteria/forms, and the materials that they will evaluate.  Reviewers will have approximately four to six weeks in which they can review the materials assigned, completing a review form for each item.  The review forms are made available on-line. It is estimated that this review will take approximately three to four days of effort (but varies by panel, often much less), which can be conducted at the reviewer's convenience during this period. We will tell you the approximate length of the product when we invite you to each review.

New reviewers will also participate in two conference calls (toll-free numbers will be provided), existing reviewers only need to participate in the final telecon. Prior to starting the evaluations is an instructional teleconference call that lasts approximately 30 minutes (when they are a new reviewer).  After completing an evaluation for each product there is a panel teleconference call that lasts, at most, usually much less than, 2 hours (all reviewers participate in this telecon). The purpose of this panel teleconference is to discuss the products with other reviewers who have evaluated the same materials to develop a panel recommendation to NASA.  Reviewers can keep the materials that they evaluate and will receive a modest honorarium for their participation.

If you are interested in participating, please submit all of the information below.  Make sure you are complete in your 'BIO' below.  We often search for reviewers by tag words like "planetary scientist" or "atmospheric scientist" or "precipitation" or "galaxies and star formation" or "grades 5-9" or "afterschool instruction."  The larger the number of details here, the more likely we'll be able to match you to the panels that form.

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