Certified Tax Resolution Specialist Application

Membership Status (Having a current membership and continuing that membership is a requirement of the CTRS Exam) *
Designation *
How many years of full-time experience do you have in a field directly related to TAX PROBLEM RESOLUTION? Partial years or part-time experience can be accumulated to full time equivalent. We ask this because we want to be sure that anyone sitting for the exam, has real case work experience, has comfortably communicated with the IRS, and has done case work on their own from start to finish. *
Please indicate in the space below how many client cases have you handled which involved the following over the last 24 months: *
Please select below which of the following Tax Resolution Education courses you have taken. Please check all that apply, as well as courses outside of ASTPS in the "other" section.
I understand that once approved for the exam, I will have 30 days to complete and am ready at this time to take the exam as I submit this application. That the exam is $450. *
Below, please type your name and the date on which you completed this application, and it will serve as your signature marking agreement that all submitted information is true. Please allow 7-10 business days for feedback on application. If you have any questions, please reach out to Carolyn, Carolyn@astps.org *
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