Brackenhurst Campus,
Nottingham Trent University,
Horse Boy Method 1: 14-15 Oct 2017
Horse Boy Method 1: 27-28 Jan 2018
Horse Boy Method 2: 17-18 Mar 2018

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I understand that I must be able to mount a 1.50m horse without help to be eligible to participate as a rider *
I understand that I must be able to mount a 1.50m horse without saddle by being boosted by another participant to participate as a rider *
I understand that my body mass index (BMI) must be lower than 28 to participate as a rider. Calculate here: *
Medical Conditions
Any previous medical conditions, surgeries or injuries that could influence any participant's safety around horses (including but not limited to back injuries, dizziness, head injuries, cardio vascular conditions, stroke or other brain conditions, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal, neurological, easy bleeding, pregnancy, astma) *

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ONLY RIDERS AND HANDLERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY AS INDEPENDENT PRACTITIONERS! The ridden work in Horse Boy 1 is fairly simple. If you feel comfortable to go on a walk, trot, (little) canter trail ride, you will be fine to participate as rider/horse handler. Participation as rider/horse handler will allow you to take part in horse exercises like sensory work, long lines, academics, etc. as well as the ridden exercises. Non-rider will audit these exercises.

Info about you and your background with horses and Autism

Why do we ask so many questions? Because the more we know about you the better we can serve you and your needs. You do not need classical dressage background to participate as a rider but it helps us to know what your background is and why are wanting to take this course. Remember for riders the requirements are: mount 15.2h horse without help, be able to be boosted onto 15.2 h horse by other partcipant, able to do easy walk and trot trail ride, BMI under 28, generally fit enough to keep hyper active child at arms length.
I have read and reviewed the requirements and regulations regarding becoming a practitioner. *
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