GSNorCal CIT & WIT Application

The Counselor-in-Training program offers high school girls an opportunity to learn leadership and outdoor skills needed to work with girls in the out of doors. During the CIT program, CIT's will explore the areas of campcraft skills, group dynamics, child development, program planning skills, camp operations and the role of the camp counselor. The training program includes regular hours devoted to workshops, plus actual experience working with children under the supervision of camp staff. The apprentice program is open on a selective basis to those who have demonstrated competence and have had a successful interview.

The application is to be completed by the camper applying for the program. Please submit this application at the same time as your registration for the program. The leadership programs are unique and require more time in the registration process to review applications and references, complete interviews, and make placements. An interview may be required for all programs except Lead On! The deadline for applications and registration to be submitted for leadership programs is MARCH 15, 2014. Placements will be made by April 1, 2014. If you miss these deadlines or have questions about the process, please contact us at or call 1-408-287-4170, ext 4002.

If you need more space to write anything, you may attach a word document to the bottom of the application. You may also attach copies of certificates, letters of recommendation, etc. if you wish.

SECTION A: Personal Information

I understand that, as an Advanced CIT / WIT or Apprentice CIT / WIT, CIT (1) or it's equivalent is needed. I must have CIT (1) prior to submitting this application. Camp Director and Leadership Team Director will review any applicant who does not have CIT (1) on a case by case basis. As an Advanced or Apprentice applicant, I understand an interview will be required.

SECTION B: Leadership Experience

 Job Title / DutiesOrganizationLocationDates
Please list volunteer experience
Please list volunteer experience
Please list volunteer experience
Please list volunteer experience
 No interest or experienceInterest, no experienceExperienceCan help / assist teachCan organize and teach
Outdoor Cooking
Fire Building
Tent Shelters
Compass / Map Reading
Knots / Lashing
First Aid
Nature Exploration
Girl Scout Ceremonies
Group Games
Campfire Program
Song Leading
Nature Crafts
Fine Arts
Ropes Course
English Riding
Western Riding
 Course / WorkshopOrganizationDatesTopic / Skills Learned
Please list education / training
Please list education / training
Please list education / training
Please list education / training
Camping Experience: (please list years of experience in the following areas)
 Name of CampLocationOrganization
Resident Camp Experience
Resident Camp Experience
Resident Camp Experience
Day Camp Experience

SECTION C: References

I have sent a hard copy reference form AND/OR an online reference form link to the following people, who are NOT relatives.
My electronic signatures acknowledges that the statements made within this application are, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and true.
* Indicates Response Required