Termination Checkout Form

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If a student worker, will student return in same capacity next semester? (pending budget approval)
Forms/Misc. *
Requests/Collect resignation letter
Complete and submit Technology Checkout Form
Return Uniform Receipt Form to Human Resources
Conduct Employee/Supervisor exit meeting
Schedule Employee/HR meeting
Conduct a Security Risk Assessment-is a possible workplace violence scenario likely to erupt from the termination? Is a possible sabotage or theft of college information likely to erupt from the termination?
Collect the following items during the Employee/Supervisor exit meeting *
Keys (office)
Keys (building)
Keys (classroom)
Keys (shop/lab)
Equipment (laptops, cell phones, etc.)
Would you rehire this employee? *
If no, why? (check all that apply) ***Note: You may be required to provide additional documentation to support your reason.
 Check all that apply
Lack of proper notice
Policy violation
Not an organizational culture fit
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