Emergency Hardship Fund Grant Application

IMPORTANT: Before completing application, please review and understand all provisions, eligibility requirements, and processes of the Emergency Hardship Fund by reading http://www.src.edu/foundation/Pages/Emergency-Hardship-Fund.aspx.

Section 1: Student Personal Data

Campus Attending *
I am classified as a... *
I received a SRC scholarship in the previous year *
I have submitted the FAFSA *
I am a TRIO student: *

Section 2: Application Questions

6) Please include/attach copies of any and all supporting documentation that provides evidence of your situation and justifies your request. Examples could include, but are not limited to: Medical Bills; Certification of Medical Condition; Insurance Claims; Police Report; Expense Receipts; Income/Expense Spreadsheet; Proof of: Unemployment, Income Loss, Job Loss, Work Closure, Foreclosure, Eviction, etc.; or anything that you believe justifies your request or provides evidence of your need.

Affirmation *