In the six years since we launched UNIFY, we've all formed bonds and friendships that have only grown throughout the years. One of the reasons we launched with one stage is because we wanted to make sure people had time between bands to meet each other and find ways to connect to their potential mosh soul mates. In the campground, the pit, backstage and on the roads in and out, we've all had experiences that we hope will be remembered for a lifetime. 2020 wasn't the year that any of us expected, and as you know... we all can't get together this January at our regular place of worship, Tarwin Lower. 
 We wanted to make sure that January 2021 still had something for the Unify faithful to enjoy. We've teamed up with The Faction online radio to provide a full weekend of Unify related programming to take place from 15-17 January.  This will include both new and old interviews with Unify artists, some live tracks from previous performances, and live crosses to Unify fans and artists. We'll have DJ Scooter and the AM/PM crew putting together DJ sets, and we're talking to some of our favourite artists about doing acoustic performances live to air on Sunday. We'll have giveaways on-air, and we'll also be running a fan-voted countdown of the best ever Unify sets from our first six years!
That's right, it's up to you to keep the 2021 UNIFY traditions alive until we can meet again.   Call up your mates and start planning your gathering for the weekend of 15-17 January 2021.  We've got the music and beer covered, it's up to you to do the rest.  We know you are up to the challenge and we want to hear all about what you have planned for UNIFY weekend 2021.  Tell us where you're from, who's joining you, and where you're hosting your gathering.  Tell us if you have any UNIFY traditions, memories or things that make the second weekend of January the best weekend of the year.  You never know, you may hear from us over the weekend, or have a Pabst Blue Ribbon keg delivered to your doorstep to help your party along. 
Take the next few minutes to tell us about your crew and what you're going to be doing to celebrate the noise while UNIFY Gathering takes over The Faction Radio for three full days of heavy music worship. 
Tell us who you are and where your party is being hosted.
(Your answer is top-secret, don't worry!)
Tell us about your UNIFY crew and Radio Takeover Weekend plans.
What date will you host your gathering? *
Will you be listening to The Faction Radio for all of those UNIFY feels? *
Are you keen to have a keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon delivered straight to your door? *
Thanks for being awesome, and joining our UNIFY takeover weekend with The Faction and all of our partners.  We will see you in 2022!
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