First Come, First Serve.  One zip code per florist.  Reserve your zip code today.


The flowers are important and we truly care about the customer.
Once this order form is submitted you will see your flower shop information on:
1) Online Order, 2) Phone Order and 3)Text Order.
Please visit www.FloristaSchool.com. It is designed to educate future flower
shop owners on how to become a member of "The Finest Way to Send Your Love".
Each of us has our own Floral Art Style.  Wow them with your
beauty and flower shop management for speedy delivery.
We are a no complaints 5 STAR FLORIST DIRECTORY and have
a long tenure of excellence.  
There is an initial charge of $19.84 to be added to our 5 STAR DIRECTORY and then a $9.95 monthly fee thereafter.

One florist per zip code, only.  First come, first serve.  Either party can cancel at any time for any reason. NOTE: Students, you can reserve your zip code for up to 6 months in advance while you organize your floral business enterprise.  Once a zip code is taken, it is no longer available unless canceled by the florist or Dial A Rose USA, LLC for any reason.

Use of the federal trademark Dial A Rose is prohibitive and unauthorized.

Please check the directory www.dialarose.com to see if your zip code is
available before purchasing or reserving a listing.

If you are reserving a zip code, your listing will have COMING SOON added.

Your listing will be located on ONLINE ORDER, PHONE ORDER, TEXT ORDER.  
Visit www.dialarose.com to see the current listings.

Unlimited support is available: 
TEXT or CALL with your questions to:  561-776-8630 for an immediate reply.
You can also email your questions to dialaroseusa@aol.com.  We are standing by.

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Special Instructions:

Once this order form is submitted please text the word SIGN UP 
to 561-776-8630 for confirmation and addition to the directory.
You will receive a text confirmation and reply about the next step.


Courtesy is the BY LAW of the florist.  It is our job to care about 
marking the most important occasions of life on planet earth.
Our minimum since 1984 is $19.84.  It is a bud vase arrangement
and only required for delivery in the zip code of your physical flower shop.
The prices listed on our website ORDER FORM are TOTAL prices.  They include tax
and delivery and may be modified from time to time.
Each lead we send you, asking for Dial A Rose, will be a new customer for you!
Please honor their request of the item they see on our home page.
Our Grand Delivery Special, $19.84, can be considered a potential lead or
rather a promotion.  Some people just want to send ONE rose and that is
why they may be contacting a Dial A Rose 5 STAR FLORIST.  It is not our
biggest seller but always available, no matter the holiday.  At least we try
our best...
I personally am grateful for every single order, every customer and I
truly enjoy making bouquets.  If we are on the same page...BLOOM
with, "The Finest Way to Send Your Love."

Credit Card Information: Mastercharge, Visa, American Express, Discover.

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