By submitting this NEW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, you agree to it's contents.

MISSION STATEMENT: To make the world a rosier place.

*This MISSION STATEMENT begins with OUR RELATIONSHIP which is displayed in this application.
*The content of this application is our understanding and OUR AGREEMENT.
*Dial A Rose is the BEST in roses since $19.84. WE BELIEVE in a job well done, it is our practice.
*We are a SOCIETY OF MEMBERS who have committed their time resource to this mission. 
*OUR SYNERGY OF EXCELLENCE will show in our sales volumn.

BYLAWS: Rules made by a company or society to control the actions of it's members.



*Enter the ZIP CODE where your HOMEBASED flower shop will be located.
*ONE zip code per florist. First come, first serve.
*FIRST COME, first serve.  Once a zip code is purchased, no other florist can be listed
in that zip code unless this application is denied, the credit card declines or the zip code
has already been purchased by another new applicant prior to this application.
*Your zip code is TRANSFERABLE to any family member residing in that zip code.
*YOUR ZIP CODE must match your billing credit card address and driver's license.  
*Customers want LOCAL FLOWER SHOPS and will find you by your ZIP CODE in our directory.
*Your ZIP CODE will be listed in our website link LOCATIONS by zip code, in numerical order.
*BOUQUET orders are generally delivered within 2 hours after an order is placed unless otherwise
specified by the sender.  We answer our phones 7 days 7am - 7pm.
*When vacationing, forward your orders to the closest Dial A Rose zip code listing/member.
*YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME.  This must match your credit card and your drivers license.
*There will be a ONE TIME charge of $1984.00 for a ZIP CODE LISTING on the website and a FLORIST TRAINING PACKAGE by email.
*After your initial purchase of $1984.00 your credit card will be debited the following month on the
same date as your INITIAL PURCHASE DATE for $19.84 and then every month thereafter.
*We are a NO REFUNDS company.  Not satisfied?  Receive 50% off your next purchase.  
*NO REFUNDS and we do not replace bouquets. 
*Please be sure to keep your credit card active for monthly debits.
*Declined credit cards will not be re run and will cancel your listing and terminate this agreement.
declines it will not be re run.  Please be advised. 
*Your link will be removed from our site and will not be reinstated if your credit card declines.
*LISTINGS GROW IN VALUE.  Please keep a valid usable CREDIT CARDS ONLY on file at ALL times.
*You can UPDATE your credit card ANY TIME, day or night, before the due date by TEXTING
a front and back picture of your credit card to:  561-622-1843.  Growing your business is growing our business.  *ORGANIZATION is the number one rule to success.  Organizing your business will be taught in the
FLORIST TRAINING PACKAGE.  You will receive this package by email once your application is
approved and your credit card is processed.
*You will lose your INITIAL PURCHASE if your credit card declines, please be advised.
*TIME is a resource not to be squandered. 112918.
*Floral Management is part of the FLORAL TRAINING PACKAGE.  This valuable information will
assist in every part of running and managing your floral business.  Support is included.
Please provide the cell phone number that you want to use for your HOMEBASED flower shop.
*Part of our marketing plan is texting and is outlined in the FLORIST TRAINING PACKAGE.
*Be sure you can create a signature on your cell phone.
*Customers may wish to text you their order.
*You cannot use the Dial A Rose federal trademark mark on ANY document, email address,
social media, vehicle, display ad, business card, advertising specialties or for any reason
under the sun and or that any reason that has not been mentioned. 
*The Dial A Rose federal trademark is for use by it's owner, Gina Cerise, exclusively.
*ALL marketing materials will be supplied to you by Dial A Rose USA, LLC.  You can order marketing
supplies on this order form.  APPROVED APPLICATIONS can purchase marketing supplies.
*Marketing supplies and their personal distribution is mandatory for ALL business owners.
*Marketing 401 training will be provided after your application is approved.
*Simple, basic, elementary.  Any disruption to our system of operations
or any violation of our by laws or any use of the federal trademark Dial A Rose will result in immediate
suspension of your valuable zip code listing.  WE ALL WORK TOGETHER and are respectful.  LOVE is about
respect.  Our Mission Statement is for the greater good.  Our product has a higher purpose.
*We all play a part in making the world a rosier place.  Step one is to follow the rules that have been
developed for over 3 decades.  We all want to be successful making others happy.  WE ARE THE BEST in
roses, established $19.84.
*Customer would like to know you!
*We will add your website to your zip code link in our directory.
*It cannot be a flower shop link, we do not want to confuse our customers.
*You can make any bouquets and sell any bouquets but customers who visit Dial A Rose will
see the bouquets that have made us famous and we are not going to change our formula.


Your first and last name must match your credit card and your drivers license.
*Upon completion of your application you must text a photo of your drivers license
and the front and back picture of your credit card.
*Your credit card WILL NOT BE RUN and you will not reserve a territory until you
text a photo of your drivers license and the front and back picture of your credit card
and TEXT BOTH to 561-622-1843.
Your billing street address must match your drivers license photo.
Your billing zip code must match your drivers license.
Your billing city and state must match your drivers license.
Your credit card will be billed $1984.00 AFTER we recieve a photo of your drivers license
and your credit card, front and back.
There will be a one time NON REFUNDABLE charge of $1984.00 for your instructional package to
open a homebased business with a directory link on the website
This package includes but is not limited to:
*Marketing 401:  How to grow your business.
*Marketing Supplies and Supplier
*Supplies:  Perishable and Non Perishable
*Diagrams and photos of the flower machine
*Excel database instructions.
*Supplier Contacts
*Required State and Sales Tax Licenses

FLOWER SHOP LISTING begins after we process this application. First come first serve.


ALERT***Be Advised***TEXT A COPY OF YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE and a copy, front and back of your credit card from your FLOWER SHOP CELL PHONE, as described in the above information.  Please TEXT this information to 561-622-1843.
GUARANTEE:  We will do an excellent job registering your flower shop.
Terms and Conditions:  We are a zero complaints company.
You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by text to the FLOWER SHOP CELL PHONE number you provided in this application. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.
You agree that you have read and understood the Bylaws of Dial A Rose USA, LLC and will provide this brand with exceptional quality product and customer service.
We are a zero refunds company.  
Sign here to confirm that you read and agree to the terms, conditions and bylaws. *
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