WEBSITE 3 LINK PLACEMENT After you complete this order form please TEXT the word FLORIST to 561-622-1843. Your Website 3 Link Placement will be live shortly. Thank you.

Website 3 Link Placement: 1) FIRST MONTH FREE. 2) ONE florist per zip code. 3) Go live SAME DAY.

FIRST MONTH FREE.  Your credit card will be charged $19.84 AFTER your first month trial period and then every month thereafter.  Cancel at anytime.  This directory only allows for ONE florist per zip code.

Billing Information: You can trust our fine service.


Website 3 Link Placement  

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USER AGREEMENT: Website 3 Link Placement

This user agreement is exclusively for a Website 3 Link Placement
on the website.
By selecting and submitting your order for the Website 3 Link Placement
you agree to the following terms:
1) Your credit card will be charged AFTER your 30 DAY FREE TRIAL has ended. 
If you do not cancel, we will bill your credit card on the SAME DAY your 30
DAY FREE TRIAL began and then again on the same day every month for $19.84. 
CANCEL ANYTIME by text to:  561-622-1843.  We only want happy florists to be
part of our directory.  
2)  Your 3 listings will remain on our site for one month per charge.  Should your
credit card decline, your 3 listings will be removed from our website without notice.
3)  There is only ONE florist per zip code.  If you lose your placement due to a declined
credit card OR because you canceled your membership there is NO GUARANTEE that you
can be listed on our website again.
4)  This user agreement does not allow for any use of the Dial A Rose federal
trademark for any reason by ANY member anytime now or in the future.
5)  Your information will be used on our website link if your payment is current.
6)  You can be removed from our website FOR ANY REASON UNDER THE SUN.
7)  This user agreement can be amended at anytime for any reason.
8)  You can trust our fine service and when orders come to your flower shop through the use
of this directory your flower shop would need to produce a grade A bouquet within a 2 hour
delivery unless otherwise instructed by the sender.
9)  Any orders that come for your location through the website will be
emailed to you.  You will also receive a TEXT with the word SEND so you know that there is
an order in your email box.
10)  You can cancel your 3 listing placement for any reason and we will remove your
listing the day in which you give notice however, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.
11)  OUR JOB is provide the public with the most beautiful roses and flowers grown in the world.


As florists aka Cupids, we understand how important the flowers are to the 
sending party.  The job needs to be done correctly.  We are the senders of
LOVE which is the most powerful emotion known to mankind.
In keeping with good business practice, this site allows for the finest of the
florist industry, to be in good standing and current with payment at all times.
As this site grows, it is important for our members to maintain their position
in the Dial A Rose directory.  The following by laws are within the scope of our
abilities and also within the needs of our precious customers.
1)  We deliver flowers in a speedy fashion.  Generally we deliver within 2 hours
unless otherwise specified by the sender.
2)  We spell names correctlty because we care.
3)  We QUOTE TOTAL PRICES.  Not the old school: Price, delivery charge, tax.
The old school no longer works for this industry.
4)  We delivery quality, cared for bouquets.  We care for the customer.  We are
just as excited for the recipient to recieve our floral glory as the sending party.
5)  Dial A Rose is the best in roses, established $19.84.  Your listing can be
removed for ANY REASON.
6)  Your listing will become extremely valuable to your business and we want
you to be assured that you are joining a valuable site that will bloom as we grow
this important zip code directory.  We want the finest on this site and will work
hard to maintain a reputation of excellent.  We are experts in excellence. 
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