Health clearance, participation verification & activity waiver

Please submit a separate form for each individual in your party participating in a Hawaii Nautical/Port Waikiki Cruises activity. Parents/guardians also submit a form for each person 17 and under. Answer all questions, review health and safety precautions, and sign the waiver acknowledgment within one day of your scheduled activity (no earlier that 24 hours and no later than 6 hours prior).
COVID Screening Questions
1. Have you traveled to Hawaii from out-of-state within the past 10 days (and without a negative pre-arrival COVID test) and/or are you under order of quarantine, isolation, or restriction of movement, or traveling essential-worker* orders? *
2. Are you experiencing any signs of illness including cough, aches, or flu-like symptoms? *
3. Have you had a fever of 100.4 or more today or within the past 3 days? *
4. Have you been in the close proximity of anyone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days? *
5. Have you had a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 within the past 14 days? *
* Any recent-traveling local or visiting person who has an essential-worker "Critical Infrastructure," "Emergency Worker," "Traveling Doctor," "Traveling Nurse," "Modified Quarantine" or any other type of work-related quarantine exception is NOT ELIGIBLE to board Hawaii Nautical vessels for excursions. Such quarantine waivers do not allow people to take part in non-essential, recreational activities during the period of quarantine; the waivers are only applicable to allow the worker to go to and from the essential-worker job they are on-island to perform.
If you answered YES to any of the above 5 COVID screening questions, you will not be allowed to board the vessel. Please reschedule your activity date for a time when all answers are NO. If you answered NO to all questions, please proceed to the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, PARTICIPATION CONFIRMATION, & WAIVER below: Do you acknowledge the activity requirement to wear a cloth mask whenever practical? *
Do you acknowledge the activity requirement to wash/sanitize hands upon boarding and after facility usage? *
Do you acknowledge the activity requirement to maintain a practical distance from anyone unrelated to your party, and to maintain group sizes that are no larger than 5 (on Oahu) or 10 (on the Big Island) per socially-distanced group? *
Do you verify that you are well and will observe all health and safety precautions associated with the activity (see ** safety precautions below)? *
** Safety precautions:
-All guests must submit the health screening form prior to boarding, online no more than 24 hours prior and no less than 6 hours prior.
-Guests and staff must wear cloth face masks.
-Hand-washing sinks upon boarding ensure all guests and staff sanitize hands.
-Snorkels and snorkel-masks must be brought by each guest or can be bought new aboard.
-Any trips that include food are prepackaged & single-serve. All beverages are single-serve. All food and drink consumption must be outside of cabin area.
-Guests may not bring their own food or beverage aboard, except for infants & toddlers. No alcohol may be brought aboard.
-Boat max capacities have been reduced to allow ample social distancing between groups. Guests must keep at least 6 feet social distance from unrelated parties, and in groups no larger than 5 people total (on Oahu) or 10 people total (on the Big Island) per distanced group.
- Visitors and staff also must adhere to all current quarantine policies.

I, the undersigned, understand that there are dangers and inherent risks in boating, snorkeling, scuba and any other on-water or in-water activity. I relinquish all liability and claims against Hawaii Nautical/Port Waikiki Cruises, and any owners, vessels, officers, employees, activity resellers, hotels, partners, transportation providers, voucher providers or other persons directly or indirectly involved with this company for any personal injury, illness, loss, damage, death or property damage that may arise out of my participating in this activity. Signing this waiver shall constitute an agreement and understanding that the person signing does agree to follow and abide by the rules set forth by Hawaii Nautical/Port Waikiki Cruises and/or the activity guide, including any additional on-board instruction. Parents or guardians must sign on behalf of accompanied children. Signing this waiver indicates that the participant accepts full responsibility for participating in the activity with any of the following past or present medical conditions including but not limited to: viral conditions, pregnancy, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, heart condition, diabetes, head or back injury, recent operation, under the care of a physician, or any other medical conditions. I affirm that I and my party are participating in the booked tour excursion noted on the Activity Date on the form and I approve credit card charges or cash purchases made with Hawaii Nautical/Port Waikiki Cruises for the booked excursion. I understand that canceling any less than 24 hours in advance of the trip will be nonrefundable. I authorize the company to contact me about this trip and future offers and can opt-out of future-offer contacts at any time. Participant signature (or parent/guardian if under 18) *
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