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A) I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct. I understand that any false or misleading statements or omissions regarding this application, whenever discovered, are grounds for disqualification from further consideration or for dismissal from employment.
B) I understand that should I be selected for employment, that my employment is at-will and can be terminated at any time and for any reason with or without advance notice or cause.
C) I understand and agree that The Cole Academy may make a full and complete investigation of my personal or employment history, and I authorize any former employer, person, firm, corporation, school, government, agency or other entity to provide The Cole Academy with any information (including fact or opinion) they may have regarding me.
D) I understand and agree that I may be required to submit to drug testing.
E) I agree that The Cole Academy may inquire into and consider any criminal conviction record that I may have after it makes a conditional offer of employment. The Cole Academy may withdraw a conditional employment offer if I have a criminal conviction record which bears a rational relationship to the duties and responsibilities of the position for which I am applying.
F) I understand and agree that after an offer of employment is made but before employment duties begin I may be required to undergo a physical or medical examination at company expense and by a company-chosen physician, with the offer of employment conditioned on the result of such
examination. I authorize the physician conducting the examination and any laboratory testing any specimen obtained by the physician to disclose the results of the examination and the laboratory tests to The Cole Academy.
G) I understand that The Cole Academy will only hire U.S. citizens and other people authorized to work in this country and that I will be required to produce original documents establishing my identity and authorization to work in the United States.
H) I acknowledge I am able to perform the essential functions of the job I have applied for with or without reasonable accommodation.

I acknowledge that ALL the information on this application is TRUE. I understand that I am an AT WILL employee and can be terminated at any time. By clicking on the button below it serves the same purpose as my signature.