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**I am booked for Custom orders until 7/3/24**

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Depending on your choice, I will text or email a confirmation and include my address for pickup. Orders are not complete and confirmed until payment is received.
PLEASE NOTE: Treats are NOT made in an allergen free kitchen. Wheat, eggs, and almond flour are in use. While Truffle, Hot Cocoa Bomb and Macaron shells are gluten free, some of the fillings may not be. Please send us a text with any questions 
Thank you for your order.
Small businesses like mine are truly grateful for your support during these difficult times. 

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Hot Chocolate Bombs

Please enter the number of each flavor you would like. All bombs are individually wrapped with seasonal decorations $6 each
$30 per dozen for 1 flavor
$33 per dozen for 2 flavors
$36 per dozen for 3 flavors
$15 Box of 6 seasonal flavors
$30 Box of 12 seasonal flavors 
Please enter how many dozen, and if you would like 1, 2 or 3 flavors per dozen (Example if your ordering 3 dozen of one flavor each, you would enter 3 in the One flavor box)
What flavor(s) would you like?
Enjoy a delicious S'more without all the mess! Each handcrafted S'more has an oversized marshmallow, dipped in real chocolate and sandwiched between crunchy Graham Crackers, all on a stick to make eating mess free. Eat as is or microwave for a gooey delight! Individually wrapped and decorated to match your event! $3.50 each
How many S'mores would you like?
An Oreo cookie enrobed in Chocolate. Choose White, Milk or Dark Chocolate. Please note specific colors you would like for decoration, and theme of your event.
$15 for 6
$30 for 12
$3 each as an add on
Please enter the quantity of each flavor you would like
What flavor Oreo?
4"-12" round cakes are available.
2-3 layers, with choice of filling and flavors. Standard 8" cake, 3 layers with filling is $50+.
Below are some options, but almost any combination can be made. Just fill out the custom flavor box with your favorite cakes, fillings or flavors. Example Chocolate Peanut Butter, German Chocolate Cake, Snickers Cake, Twix Cake, Caramel Spice Cake, etc. Some custom flavors may have an additional cost. I will reach out to get specifics once order has been placed.
Which Flavor would you like?
What size?
1 dozen minimum $26 per dozen standard, $38 a dozen filled. Please choose a cake flavor, a frosting flavor, and a filling flavor if desired, plus notate color and themes of event for matching decoration
Please enter quantity of each flavor by dozen
Please choose frosting flavor
Would you like filling?
$18 per dozen Cookies for one flavor. Your choice of a varitey of flavors to choose from. 
$25 per dozen Brownies for one flavor. Your choice of flavors.
Please enter how many dozen cookies of each flavor
Please enter how many dozen brownies of each flavor

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I AGREE TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All orders are confirmed once payment has been received. Any changes or cancellations must be 2 weeks prior. Treats are not made in an allergen free kitchen. Wheat, eggs and almond flour are in use. Although Truffle, Macaron, and Hot Chocolate Bomb shells are gluten free, their fillings may not be, so please inquire if you need more information. *