Rental of Wedding Facility and Reception Hall

The rental of our facility is by the hour. We can discuss a full day if needed. If it is an outdoor wedding, the chapel itself will be reserved in case of inclement weather. This offer is only good Sunday through Thursday. We will allow any other day depending on availability. This is only for the use of the facility...which means you will need to provide your own minister, music, photographer and or videographer. Because of health codes you can use our caterer and our salon at an extra charge. Please tell us how many people will be involved. *
Time of use for the facility.

Only mark this area if we are catering for you. If you are providing your table linens, decorations, and utensils, own food and wedding cake do not mark this area.

The Reception Hall is right next to the chapel. In This box let us know some detail. How many adults and children under the age of 6. Reception Hall set up with be discussed with your coordinator. Pricing below is based on adults. We will make appropriate adjustments for children. Would you like upgrade on linens and specific colors. (Please specify amount of people in the squares so we have enough food) Example 35 people, 55 people, 65 people etc...
Reception #2
Reception 3
Reception #4
Reception #5

Only mark this area if you need salon services. We will call back to discuss time for your appointment.

Hair - Updo Please lists how many updo's
Regular Makeup...How many?
Manicure...How many?
Pedicure...How many?
Massages...How many?
Please push the CONTINUE BUTTON AND THEN THE CONFIRM  button so that we receive your request and to see if your date is open.
You will not be asked to pay a deposit until that is determined and we get your details.
Thank you so much. Staff @ Angel's View Wedding Chapel