Pennsylvania Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition (PDSAC) Survey

Parents and stakeholders within the Down syndrome community are coming together to establish an advocacy coalition that will focus on informing and influencing decision-makers at the community, state and national levels about priority issues important to our community.  For the coalition to be effective, we will need to focus our efforts on issues important to the Pennsylvania DS community and have active participation by advocates across the state.  We would appreciate your completing the below survey to help us identify focus areas and direction for the coalition.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Vision Statement:

All individuals in Pennsylvania with Down syndrome will achieve equality, access and inclusion.

Mission Statement:

Pennsylvania Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition (PDSAC) seeks to improve, through legislative, regulatory and policy advocacy, the quality of life for all individuals with Down syndrome, regardless of age, at the community, state, and national levels.  

 To achieve its mission, PDSAC focuses on:

     * Improving Education Opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome.

     * Improving Health Outcomes and Quality of Life for individuals with Down syndrome.

     * Creating an Economic Future for individuals with Down syndrome.

     * Strengthening community relations for and understanding of individuals with Down syndrome.

     * Engaging and informing the Down syndrome community regarding legislative, regulatory and policy developments.

Please indicate the Down syndrome Interest Group (s) you are a member of:
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Please select the description of individual(s) with whom you advocate for:
Please rank your top 5 issue categories in priority order to you: (1=most important)
Which 3 issues are the highest priority to you for the coalition to address?
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