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Thank you for your interest in our services.  Please fill out the following job request.  This will help us to understand and fill your opening with the qualified candidates that you are looking for and ensure a good match for your comapany.

Job Details

Type of Job - Don't forget you can hire someone at anytime. We dont make you wait! You can also hire on Directly for one flat fee of $995. Temporary rates will be charged based on the hours and depending on the job you are having them do. See the below link with attached price and service agreement for current temporary rates. *
Benefits - (If for Direct Placement only)

Are you currently or have you advertised for this opening? *
Are there any applications or resumes that you have now that you are considering? Please note: This will help to ensure that you will not receive duplicate resumes for ABT. *
Do we need to get set up with Compliance Depot or any other similar vendor crediting company to get approved to work with your property/company? If so please provide us with the information so that we can get set up prior to sending candidates out for temp or temp to hire. *

Customers Agreed: *My online signature will be accepted with the same authority as the original whether photocopied or faxed or electronic online signature. Customer: I certify I am an authorized agent for the Owner/Management Company & can sign on their behalf. *
I authorize that I am able to submit this posting and agree to the terms and conditions of the Service agreement and Pricing. Click link above to view Service Agreement.

Please check box to acknowlege and agree. *
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