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Billing Information

If a profit cheque is issued we require your billing address as well as where to make the cheque payable to. Please note that you will be responsible for any fees incurred due incorrect cheque information. 
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Coordinator Information

*This information may change from year to year as this is how we reach you personally. We will ship catalogues/seller packages to a coordinator address but orders must go to the organization address. 
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Program Details

Catalogue Choice * 🛈
JOY: Joy is a 40 page super shopper which includes popular items such as gift wrap, accessories, greeting cards, kitchen gadgets, holiday decor and gift items. 
NOEL: Noel is a 48 page super shopper similar items to Joy with the addition of chocolates, treats, popcorn, gourmet food mixes, soup mixes, beef jerky and more gift items. 
Please choose Joy or Noel, we are unable to facilitate both for any organizations. Additional items that are not found in the catalogue will be available online. Should you need the chocolate items removed from the online site please contact us.
Always available online only: Hundreds of extra items available online, chocolates and treats, soups, gourmet food mixes, totes and bags, McSweeney's Jerky, Poppin Popcorn and more! Items may be removed by category with special request. 
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The virtual materials will be emailed to you 5 days prior to your start date. Please ensure you allow enough time for the 5 day set up. 
Please ensure "" is on your safe sender list to ensure this doesn't get rejected or sent to your spam/junk folder. 

Profit & Promotions

Early Booking Bonus
Register your fundraiser before JUNE 30th for an extra 3% bonus profit on applicable catalogues

Joy & Noel Profit:

42% Profit for retail sales of $10,000.00 and under 45% with bonus

47% Profit for retail sales of $10,001.00 to $20,000.00 50% with bonus

50% Profit for retail sales of $20,001.00 and up 53% with bonus

*Please note Noel includes food items, these items are 30% profit

All food items profit:

30% Profit - not eligible for bonus

All ship to home orders profit:

30% Profit - not eligible for bonus

*All profit margins are before applicable tax

Limited Time Special Offer
Our coordinator appreciation bonus offer is here! Register your group before June 30th and receive a $100 shopping coupon code to go towards your fundraiser! Reward yourself for your time and effort and boost your fundraiser at the same time. 
*Conditions apply.
Would you like the bonus coupon? *
Limited Time Special Offer
The first 200 daycares, elementary schools, childcare facilities to book before June 30th will receive a box of instant gratification prizes for your sellers. This offer will offer the chance to instantly reward your young participants with a prize once they have made their first sale. Instructions will be included, this will arrive with your catalogues seller packages. This offer excludes virtual sales.
*Conditions apply
If applicable would you like this prize offer? *

Terms & Conditions

  1. This confirms our organization will do a fundraising program with Dieleman Fundraising based on the registration above. Should a cancellation be made after the catalogue materials are shipped the Organization becomes responsible for sending the materials back at their own expense within 5 business days of delivery. Should they not be returned an invoice for the cost of $1.00 per seller package plus the freight cost will be issued.
  2. Should a cancellation need to be made prior to material being shipped please kindly contact with your Organization ID and cancellation request.
  3. All Organizations will be charged applicable sales tax on the invoice amount of goods.
  4. Coordinator coupon can be used towards a product order. Should no other sales take place the coupon/order will be cancelled. A minimum sale amount of $2000 retail dollars is required for coupon usage. Should the coupon be used and the minimum not be met DFS will will bill out the cost of goods on the final invoice. 
  5. Instant prize box - should a cancellation be made the prizes must be returned with the catalogues. One prize per student is standard, DFS reserves the right to refuse number of participants should it seem too high or different from school enrollment.
Terms *
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