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Please review and acknowledge the USAA/SHRM Foundation Guidelines and Rules below.

Ambassador for the SHRM Foundation Veterans Ambassador initiative in partnership with USAA.  

Guidelines and Rules

  • The Veterans Ambassador Program (the “Program”) shall provide training, insights, support, and resources to the HR professionals, people managers, and business leaders regarding military community hiring.
  • A Veterans Ambassador (“Ambassador”) will be a volunteer serving as an ambassador of veteran hiring, equipping HR professionals, people managers, and business leaders with the educational knowledge, and actionable tools necessary to attract, hire, and retain members of the military community in the workplace.
  • Ambassador shall provide the following services after completing the initial self-paced Ambassador training program:
    1. Host training and educational sessions (in person or virtually) with the goal of gaining a commitment to hire one veteran or military community member from 250 HR professionals, people managers, or business leaders by the end of 2022.
    2. Support the impact of the Program and build a community impact model; and,
    3. Give insight on sustainable change for veteran employment practices.
  • Ambassador shall promote the Program to its network:
    1. Ambassador shall use the pre-approved materials provided by SHRM Foundation or they may create their own promotional materials, provided that such promotional materials must be pre-approved by SHRM Foundation before distribution.
    2. Ambassador represents and warrants that it has the right to share all such candidate information with SHRM Foundation, including any personal data contained therein, and that SHRM Foundation shall have the right to use and process such data for the purposes of providing, administering and promoting the Program.
    3. In the role of Ambassador, volunteers are making a special contribution in educating HR professionals, people managers, and business leaders, in such it is important that participants see the Ambassador as a neutral champion. No solicitation of personal business or other agendas should be inferred.
    4. SHRM Foundation is the exclusive owner of the Program, and any and all materials created by or on behalf of SHRM Foundation related to the Program. SHRM Foundation hereby grants to Ambassador the right to use the promotional materials (provided by SHRM Foundation or created by Ambassador, subject to approval by SHRM Foundation) solely for the purpose of promoting the Program.
  • Ambassador shall provide training per the guidelines below:
    1. Exclusively use content provided by SHRM Foundation (i.e. PowerPoint presentations) for the Program.
    2. SHRM Foundation owns the copyright to the program materials, including without limitation any customization of such materials made by Ambassador, or has obtained permission from the individual copyright owner to use Program materials, and Ambassador agrees not to use this material in work assignments, other than your scheduled SHRM Foundation program, without written permission from the original developer. Any customization of materials prepared by Ambassador constitute works made for hire which are owned by SHRM Foundation; and in the event a court should determine that such materials do not constitute works made for hire then Ambassador hereby conveys all ownership interests in such customization materials to SHRM Foundation.
  • These Guidelines and Rules must be accepted by the Ambassador.
  • These Guidelines and Rules supersede any prior oral or written agreements concerning the subject matter hereof and may only be amended by a written agreement signed by the Ambassador and SHRM Foundation.


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