The SHRM Foundation champions workforce and workplace transformation and to drive our mission we produce and publish complimentary, research-based resources to empower HR professionals. 
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Then you've come to the right place! Here are some great resources for you to have on hand! The following resources are currently available and can be shipped directly to you for meetings, conferences, and/or fundraising related activities and events.

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Inclusion Initiative Resources

Veterans Initiative Resources
To view a full list of veteran resources and to view additional articles and videos, visit our Integrating and Engaging Veterans in the Workforce initiative webpage at:
Previous Initiatives
All resources from the SHRM Foundation's previous initiatives, including Effective Practice Guidelines (EPG) and DVD Discussion Guides and Presentations, are available to be downloaded from our website at (click "Our Work" then "Resources from Past Initiatives").

Scholarship & Award Resources

Scholarship & Award Resources
To view the full list of scholarship and award deadlines and requirements, visit our Scholarship Overview webpage at:

Fundraising Resources and Support

Resources to be shipped
If you are hosting a fundraising event on behalf of the SHRM Foundation, we are happy to send you resources to have on hand at your event.
Resources to be shared electronically
The SHRM Foundation can also send electronic resources to you to support your fundraising efforts.

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