SCHN Business Membership Form

Sonoma County Homeschool Network (SCHN) welcomes your business or organization to join our local homeschool community.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, resources, and networking opportunities to families who educate their children at home. Funds from memberships are used to support these goals. Recent events included park days, pool day, and open mic.
Business Memberships are $40 / year. Benefits include:

• Your business name, logo and a brief description of goods and/or services provided on the SCHN Facebook page every quarterly.
• Your business name, logo and a brief description of goods and/or services provided in the SCHN Yahoo Group every other month.
• Your business name and logo displayed on our webpage.
Please note that at this time SCHN is transitioning to a more community orientated organization. We are in the process of building a new website, and have many ideas that, once put into motion, will allow for more advertising opportunities.
SCHN business membership is $40 for one year.  How would you like to pay? *
1.  We understand SCHN is an inclusive and diverse group of homeschooling families and tolerance of differences is important.
2.  We will strive to speak and act respectfully toward others in SCHN.
3.  We will strive to keep interactions positive and support other homeschoolers.
4.  We understand that a failure to abide by the above tenets can lead to the revocation of our membership. 

SCHN Liability Waiver

This release and waiver is given in the interest of permitting shared learning, exploring and networking through SCHN.  This release and waiver will enable my fellow homeschoolers and me to feel free to donate abilities, resources and efforts to help each other without fear of liability.  Further, this release frees all organizations and persons providing a facility or opportunity from all liability. 

We understand that our participation in any SCHN sponsored activity incurs a risk, however slight, of injuries to ourselves or our children, or damage or theft of personal property.  By participating in any SCHN sponsored activity, event, workshop, park day, or field trip we agree for ourselves and our child(ren) participating in activities with SCHN to hold harmless SCHN, the SCHN board of directors, and SCHN volunteers and members, and the owners of any facility we utilize and all members, workers, and employees of these entities from any and all liability whatsoever for and injury, condition, or other problem associated with the child’s participation in activities sponsored by SCHN.  I hereby for myself, my child(ren), my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all injuries, losses or death suffered by myself or my child(ren) at any activity sponsored by SCHN.  I agree to assume all financial responsibility for medical, legal and other expenses incurred as a result of said SCHN activities, for the care of myself, my partner, or my child(ren).

Parents and guardians responsible for homeschooling children must sign the waiver for membership in SCHN.  The waiver will be kept on file with the membership form.