California Rules of Professional Conduct and The State Bar Act
(Publication 250)
The size of this publication has grown significantly over the years. With the coming of the new and amended Rules of Professional Conduct, operative on November 1, 2018, we have decided to offer the materials contained in this book in two separate volumes each including the following materials. Each volume is being offered for individual purchase or as a set.
Volume 1
  • Current California Rules of Professional Conduct (operative on 11/1/18);
  • The State Bar Act (Bus. & Prof. Code ยงยง 6000 et seq.); and
  • Former California Rules of Professional Conduct (September 1992 - October 2018).
Volume 2
  • Selected California Rules of Court;
  • Selected Statutes Regarding Duties of Attorneys and Discipline (including selected provisions from some of the following codes: Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Evidence Code, Government Code, Penal Code, and Probate Code);
  • Attorney Trust Account Rules;
  • Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Rules for Attorneys and Providers;
  • Pro Bono Resolution Adopted by the Board of Governors;
  • Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule; and
  • Construction-Related Disability Access Claims Information
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