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Adoption Contract read prior to submission of application.


A tax-deductable donation is required to help offset medical and boarding fees so that we may continue to rescue animals.

A. To have animal spayed or neutered at 9 months of age. If not performed, unless a veterinarian recommends otherwise due to a medical condition, said animal will be returned to Richardson Rescue. Proof of spay or neuter must be forwarded to Richardson Rescue, 1968 Garvin Road, York, SC 29745 or email  NO EXCEPTIONS.

B. Owner is responsible for the continuation of vaccinations to include for dogs DA 2PPLCV and rabies and for cats feline leukemia, calici, panleukopenia, rhinotrachitis, pneumonitis, and rabies.

C. I agree to provide regular monthly heartworm and flea prevention given year round.

D. To provide proper care of said animal including shelter, shade, proper diet, fresh water, socialization and love. Adopter understands said animal is a family pet and is a lifetime commitment. No chaining of pets and no declawing of cats ever.

E. Puppies should not be taken to any public places until they have finished all of their puppy vaccines. This includes places such as dog parks, stores, restaurants, visiting other puppies, etc.

F. To notify Richardson Rescue if adopter no longer wishes to own said animal. In that case Richardson Rescue retains ownership and right of further placement of said animal. All Veterinary work will be kept current and spay/neuter done, if not Richardson Rescue may remove pet from current home and ownership reverts back to Richardson Rescue.  

G. To allow Richardson Rescue or its agent to inspect the home before and after adoption and to allow Richardson Rescue or its agent to remove said animal immediately if the home or surroundings are found to be unsuitable or terms of this agreement are not met.

H. Adopter agrees and understands that Richardson Rescue makes no warranties, representations or guarantees whatsoever as to the adult size, temperament, characteristics or health of said animal and hereby disclaim all implied or expressed warranties of fitness or merchantability.

Adopter also understands Richardson Rescue will not be responsible for any medical care or costs thereof required after placement of said animal to adopter. All animals are adopted "As is" We will not be held responsible for any sickness incurred by the said animal before or after receipt by the adopter. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE AND NON REFUNDABLE. 

If animal is adopted at an age too young for Richardson Rescue to spay/neuter, I agree to have this animal spayed/neutered by 9 months of age and  MUST forward proof to Richardson Rescue . This would be at the new owner's expense.

Signature____________________________ Date____________________


Signature done at our office when adopting your new pet.
We will process your application within 48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday. You will receive an email regarding approval status. Upon acceptance you may put a deposit of $50 plus $10 processing to hold our pet so that another adoption parent can not adopt. The $50 will be credited to your adoption fee However, you must contact us via phone so we know. Deposits are transferable but non-refundable should you not adopt a pet. 
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