Saturday, October 14, 2023

This online form is for Chili Cooks only.  If you a Corporate Exhibitor, Sponsor or Food vendor, you must fill out the appropriate online application.
Before you complete this application:
1.  Know what type of chili you will cook and what you will name it.
2.  Have your credit card handy to pay the $50 booth reservation fee.  It will be 100% refunded after your participation in the event. 

The Event
The 15th Annual “Knock Your Boots Off” Beer Tasting & Chili Cook-Off, presented by the Greater Golden Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Coors Distributing Company, is an opportunity for “Beer & Chili” to take center stage near the heart of historic downtown Golden. This is a “must attend” annual event each fall offering beer and chili tasting, along with live entertainment, food vendors, corporate exhibitors and silent auction. Over 1,500 beer and chili enthusiasts attended in 2022!  

The event was created to benefit the Golden Chamber of Commerce and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

The event is promoted throughout the local Golden community and nearby Denver metro area such as local newspapers, small businesses and social media outlets.

The event takes place just off the main street of downtown Golden in Parfet Park.  Golden’s oldest park offers the perfect location to enjoy beer and chili on a fall day, with lots of large trees and the sounds of Clear Creek just a stone’s throw away.

Wanted!  The Best Chili in Town!!  Does Your Chili Have What it Takes?  Why Should You Cook
Because it’s all about supporting the local Golden community, having fun and the CHILI, of course!  Who has the best?? Chili will be judged and awarded for top flavors by judges and attendees!  Show your support for Golden and show off your chili recipes!  Everyone loves Chili – so Bring Your “A” Game and come cook with us!

For more detailed information, please read the 2023 Chili Cook Rules.

Date ~ Time ~ Location
Saturday, October 14, 2023
1 – 4 pm
Parfet Park in Golden, CO
(located just north of the main downtown Golden area, on SE corner of Washington Avenue & 10th Street)

Event takes place rain or shine!


  • Any individual, business/organization or restaurant may participate as a Chili Cook, upon application approval.
  • Pay a $50 reservation fee that will be 100% refunded upon event day participation. If you cancel and do not participate, no refund of your reservation fee will be issued.
  • Must read and sign the 2023 Golden Beer Tasting & Chili Cook-Off rules provided in the application
  • Must provide 10-12 gallons of chili per entry. Cooks will prepare and serve a 1 ounce sample for attendees.


Event Schedule – Chili Cooks

7 - 9am                                   Load-in/Set-up – Chili Cooks
12 Noon                                  Cook’s Meeting – Welcome & Review of Rules
1 – 4pm                                  Event Hours – Beer & Chili samplings, entertainment, silent auction
1pm                                        Judging Cups due to Judge’s Tent
3:45pm                                   Chili Awards
4pm                                        Event Close
4:15pm                                   Load-out/Tear Down Starts

Booth Information

  • Each Chili Cook booth will be pre-assigned a 10’ x 10’ space on grass.
  • Cooks must provide their own tents, tables, chairs, and fire extinguisher.
  • The Golden Chamber will provide chili sampling cups for attendees, napkins and serving ladles. Also provided are large cups for the judge’s samples.
  • No plastic spoons allowed for attendees! Attendees will simply “shoot” their chili samples from the sampling cups.
  • No electricity/power is available. No generators allowed. 

Chili Entry Classes & Categories

  • Classes will include: Individuals/Businesses and Restaurants
  • Categories will include: Red, Green and Other (Other may include vegetarian or white as examples)

Chili Judging – Judges Choice & People’s Choice

Judges Choice - All Individual/Business and Restaurant entries will be judged by a panel of volunteer judges. Chili Cooks will submit a sample of chili for blind judging (i.e. judges will not know who cooked each sample).

  • Judging Criteria includes: aroma, consistency, color, taste and after-taste. Note – Heat is not a judging factor!
  • Judges will select:
  • Individual/Business: Red, Green & Other – 1st & 2nd Place
  • Restaurant: Red, Green & Other – 1st & 2nd Place

People’s Choice – All attendees will receive a ballot when they enter the event.  Attendees will vote at the Voting Booth and by popular vote will select:

  • Best Red, Best Green & Best Other
  • Best Booth/Showmanship

Chili Awards

  • Judges Choice Awards – for Individual/Business and Restaurants:
  • Ribbons and cash prizes will be awarded for 1st Place in each category (Red, Green & Other)
  • Ribbons will be awarded for 2nd Place in each category (Red, Green & Other)
  • People’s Choice – for Best Red, Best Green, Best Other & Showmanship:
  • Ribbons will be awarded for each.

What is the Showmanship Award?

  • Make your booth a PARTY – for yourself and attendees! Give it a THEME! Have fun! 
  • Attendees will be encouraged to vote for their favorite booth based on theme, costume, booth set-up, action and audience appeal.
  • Showmanship must be in good taste. Lewd or obscene themes are prohibited! Alcoholic beverages may not be distributed to attendees as part of the showmanship. 


The booth reservation fee is $50 - but it will be refunded if you participate!  This officially reserves your 10' x 10' space and ensures your participation.  After your event participation, you will be 100% refunded your booth reservation fee. 
All fees must be included with this completed, signed application to be considered.

TO BE LISTED ON THE OFFICIAL BALLOT AND ELIGIBLE FOR AWARDS AND CASH PRIZES, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED/PAID NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8 - 5PM. You will be notified by email of your 'reservation' acceptance.  If you cancel and do not participate, no refund of your reservation fee will be issued.

Chili Cook Rules 2023 are available in pdf form at 

Direct further inquiries to Event Director - Lora Knowlton, Programs & Events Manager at  


If you are registering as an individual, complete the info below as directed.

If you are registering as a business or restaurant, you will be the contact person for all communication regarding the event.  Complete the info below as the representative for your group.


You MUST register to be a Chili Cook no later than Sunday, October 8th - 5pm, to be listed on the official ballot.  If you are not on the ballot, you are not eligible for awards and cash prizes!
Chili Cook Booth (for INDIVIDUALS and BUSINESSES)

Chili Cook Booth (for RESTAURANTS)

Chili Cook Booth (for Invited Guest)

Each CHILI COOK BOOTH will receive four (4) admission wristbands per 10' x 10' booth at no additional charge.  If you need more wristbands, purchase up to six (6) at the advance discounted $15 wristband price.


Choose your chili names per your booth choices above.  Be creative, yet family friendly with your chili names!


The Chili Cook Vendor hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Each Vendor must return this completed application and signed agreement with required fees.
  2. Golden Chamber (GC) will assign each Chili Cook a booth space. GC will not provide water, electricity or or tents/canopies or other amenities.
  3. Vendors must conduct their business within the confines of their assigned space. No Vendor may leave their booth space to solicit or distribute information within the event. 
  4. GC reserves the right to restrict Vendors with respect to methods of operation and display materials if, for any reason a Vendor’s booth or its contents is deemed inappropriate or jeopardizes the organization’s status. If this occurs, Vendor will be removed from the event.
  5. GC reserves the right to limit the number of Vendors providing similar type products or services.
  6. GC will be spot-checking Vendors to ensure that they are conducting business as it was presented on this application. Vendor may be asked to leave immediately if your items are not representative of the info provided in your application.
  7. GC is not responsible for damage or loss of Vendor property. Vendors are encouraged to have proper business insurance. 
  8. Cancellation/Refund Policy: No refunds will be given due to inclement weather. Pay a $50 reservation fee that will be 100% refunded upon event day participation. If you cancel and do not participate, no refund of your reservation fee will be issued. If the event is cancelled, reservation fee will be refunded in full.
  9. If the terms of this agreement are violated, the Vendor agrees that GC may immediately revoke all of the rights of the Vendor, their agents and their employees to booth space without refund or financial remuneration.
  10. Vendor agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Greater Golden Chamber of Commerce and any of their directors, officers, members, agents volunteers, Vendors or the owners of any festival related property from and against any and all liabilities, costs, damages, expenses and attorney’s fee resulting from or attributable to any and all acts and/or omissions of Vendor, its directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, Vendors or the owners of any festival related property associated with Vendor’s booth and the booth’s operations and agree to be part of no legal action of any kind against any of them.
  11. Vendor represents that all information provided in this application is true and correct, that they have read and understand all policies and procedures outlined in this application. It is agreed that no other agreement shall be binding upon the parties unless in writing and signed by an authorized representative of BCI.


You may use any major credit card to pay for the booth reservation fee.
Click the CONTINUE button below to submit your online application form and continue to the payment portion.  If you do not click Continue, we will NOT receive your application.